Eastenders Killed Lucy Beale

It’s the storyline to end all storylines the Who Killed Lucy Beale saga is a drawing to a close. It’s been the most emotionally draining whodunnit story since Who Shot Phil. However, the suspect list is the least suspicious of suspects which makes this whole suspicion suspicious – get your tongue around that, boys and girls – because not one of these suspects seem capable of murder let alone have a strong enough motive to even shout aggressively in their direction.

To prove my point lets take a look at the list of potential murderers.

  1. Jay Brown – The only thing linking this guy to it is that he was on the same bus as her and happened to wear a hat. Although it is hard to imagine the people from Albert Square actually leaving the square for a few hours, I’m sure a lot of them must have friends or do things outwith tiny square they live on.
    Murder Rating – 6/10
  2. Pam + Les Coker – These 2 are the most bland characters I have ever witnessed on Eastenders and the only thing remotely possibly linking them to this is the fact that they have no storylines and surely every character(s) deserves a storyline otherwise they’ll be pointless… As currently.
    Murder Rating – 1/10
  3. Lee Carter – Soldier boy has a bit of a temper to say the least and possibly the only one of the suspects even capable of murder. The only thing is there’s not really much case for a motive. Doesn’t exactly seem like the sort of lad who kills people off for being dumped.
    Murder Rating – 9/10
  4. Ian Beale –  

    need i say more?
    Murder Rating – 0/10

  5. Jane Beale – Never trust a person who always smiles. That’s the only thing I have on her, but I know she’s guilty. Little smiley, Jane.
    Murder Rating – 10/10
  6. Abi Branning – She’s been very sweet and innocent since she first joined Eastenders but over the past few months she’s turned weird and creepy and genuinely scares me. She reminds me of a creepy little girls from a horror film.
    Murder Rating – 9/10
  7. Peter Beale – Seems like a friendly enough geezer. The only thing is he’s set to leave the show very soon and is the only reason why he’s got a high enough murder rating.
    Murder Rating – 8/10
  8. Ben Mitchell – The guy doesn’t have it in him to kill someone on purpose but he does have an incredibly amount of bad luck.
    Murder Rating – 5/10
  9. Whitney Dean – I’ve got a soft spot for her even though she has a bit of a bad sideand she’s hardly been seen in ages. I miss her.
    Murder Rating – 2/10
  10. Max Branning – The guy is unpredictable and a bit of a loose cannon and has had his fair share of scuffles. He seems like a too obvious choice.
    Murder Rating 7/10

Either way this week will be a hell of a week in Walford.

My money’s on Mrs Beale.


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