My First Blog

Sooo, Hello? This is my first blog, which like every first time is filled with a mixture of excitement, curiosity and nerves –  a change of pants will be needed. I’ve had what some would call a “fun” life and I happen to be blessed with having such fun people to share these fun activities with. FUN. Whether I be writing songs with my brother for his band, I’m discovering a new talent to play their music on the radio station that I work at or I’m at a party for a celebrity(ies?) that I’ve organised, I just feel I should document my activities.

Throughout my blogging journey I am beginning I shall be blogging about various topics:

  • Music – Ones to watch, reviews of albums, singles and gigs, interviews with artists and possibly even some stuff of my own…
  • Films/TV Shows – Reviews on new releases and classic films and generally just my thoughts on them – Especially as I have a bad tendency to get hooked on a TV show.
  • Food – I’m fat, so yeah. I like food. YUMMY YUMMY, FOOD FOOD.
  • Life – Those silly random thoughts you get when you’re in bed at night and you’re about to fall asleep and your brain tells you otherwise and you lay awake and overthink every silly little detail. Remember that person you really fancied the pants off when you were 13 and you fell right in front of them? Bad, bad times.
  • Projects – whether I’m promoting an after party I’m putting on or I have an interview with some special guests or just anything at all I’m working on music-wise. I’ll blog it.

That’s just some topics along with other nonsense that pops in to my head.

That should be enough from me and My First Blog.

Ps. Should stick around for Blog 2. It’ll be fab, honest.

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