The Good, The Breaking Bad & The Ugly

For the past 2 weeks I have been “resting” on doctors orders which basically means I stay in bed all day so I finally got around to doing something I’d been meaning to do – I got Netflix! What is the first thing people do when they get Netflix? Watch a couple of films:

  • Toy Story 3
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Shutter Island

What do you do after you the novelty of (almost) unlimited movies wear off? You seek out the most-talked about television series of the past 10 years – Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is undoubtedly one of the best shows of all-time which left me in a near-vegetative state for near-enough 2 weeks with the constant cliff-hangers, well-structured storylines and the fascinating and equally frustrating characters. The amount of times I cheered as they pulled off a big job and hoped they would retire and earn an honest living and they all lived happily ever after. Of course that would be a lot less interesting and needed to be sucked back in to the meth business whether through Walter’s ego and need for extra financial gain or Jesse generally being a loose cannon.

The final episode is the one that really inspired this blog after reading various theories my favourite was the possibility that the final episode was all a dream and it all seems to add up. There is no way Walter could have made it out that car covered in snow, surrounded by police and the engine failing to work. Before you know it everything works out as smoothly as possible. The keys just fall on to his lap, he then manages to drive to Gretchen & Elliot’s house  with millions of dollars with relative ease. Appearing in a pretty busy cafe with no one even blinking an eye or even slightly having their suspicion and at the same time being able to put risin in the sealed sweetener packet which is impossible to achieve unless he actually went to the factory it was made and by chance it happened to be that one that the poison was in. Appearing at his heavily guarded house to see Skyler and not even one person saw him go in which is odd considering constant surveillance of the house. The shooting scene at the end is unrealistic with the odds of that one gun just happening to take out a full gang clean out by just shooting in a straight line. I feel this was Walter’s way of being at peace with himself and allowing himself that one final goodbye and since he couldn’t do it he made it up in his head how he wished he could say goodbye.

In my opinion Hank and Gomie’s bodies were never found, Skyler and the kids never saw any of the money and Jesse is still enslaved by Jack and his gang.

RIP Heisenberg

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