Mel & Em – Almost Is Never Enough (cover)

I think I have officially ran out of superlatives for these 2 young singer-songwriters. At only 14 years of age Emma Sarginson and Melissa Craik have undoubted endless potential. The duo posted a cover last year of The Vamps song ‘Somebody To You’ which has nearly hit 3,000 views. Since then the girls have performed at events all over Scotland  gaining praise from the likes of Frankie Cocozza, English boyband Concept, Scotland’s XFactor starlet Emily Middlemas along with many more.

The video shows them performing a ballad that would test even the finest singers, performing an Ariana Grande song who has been labelled as this generation’s Mariah Carey is a daunting feat for anyone. With a very basic production all focus is on the vocals and leaves nowhere to hide if you can’t hit a certain notes. For these 2 young girls to perform that song to that ability is truly astounding.

Having witnessed these 2 girls evolve over the past year I have watched them write songs that professional songwriters 40 years their senior would be impressed by, perform songs acapella with harmonies so tight that your jaw nearly breaks the floor, these 2 girls have limitless potential and is only a matter of time before they are making waves in the charts. The funny thing is they don’t even realise it and carry on acting like normal girls their own age watching Youtubers, going to gigs and generally just having fun that have possess such a great positive energy it affects anyone nearby who gets sucked in to their crazy world of rainbows and unicorns, never-ending sunshine and everything that is soft, cute and fluffy.

It’s only a matter of time before they release their debut single and then everyone can witness that these 2 girls aren’t just fantastic singers but their song-writing ability will leave you truly astounded that these 2 young girls could produce such a work of art.

In 10 years time everyone in the world will know Mel & Em.


Mel and Em are headlining The Big Bad Roadshow on Saturday, 7th March at 3pm Burns Mall, Kilmarnock.

Twitter –

@MelandEmmusic @sugarrecords @ThePookiepop

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