The Tooth and Nothing but The Tooth

Many people have tried to break the internet on purpose to satisfy their already over-inflated ego and catch a break on that fame train but the person who has come closest is… Kim Kardashian? Wrong! It’s Gemma Swift from Crawley. Who? Well let me introduce you to Miss Swift – no relation of Taylor.


Gemma Swift appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in January and sent social media sites in to meltdown with her wayward, rogue teeth and even Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle from Geordie Shore got in on the action by tweeting that she had tried to message him. Now the team over at Jeremy Kyle have decided to fork out £10,000 so she can get a new set of gnashers which in my opinion is ludicrous.


For her teeth to get in to that state in the first place is no doubt her own doing so it begs the question – Why is she deserving of that money? Does that mean anyone who isn’t exactly “aesthetically pleasing” will be getting a makeover? If someone feels their lips are too small, will they get lip fillers paid for them? If someone is wearing glasses will they get laser eye surgery paid for them? Surely they can’t pick out just one person due to the “popularity” of one guest.

To put this whole thing in to context here are 5 things you could spend £10,000 on:

  1. Donate £10 a month to the RSPCA over 83 years and 3 months rescuing innocent animals
  2. Hungry? Why not buy 4016 happy meals from McDonald’s?
  3. On average 498 people sleep rough in England, you could give each of them £20.08 which is at least a room for the night.
  4. Buy 66 VIP tickets to see One Direction – Get them before they sel… Oh.
  5. Purchase 23 Marie Antoinette’s vitamins aka gold vitamin pills.

What’s your thoughts? Do you think she deserves to get her teeth fixed? Do you think she should have to pay from her own pocket? Do you even care?

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