A Big Year For… Justin Bieber

Every teenager remembers that one person who was a bully. They would put innocent people down constantly and nothing was ever really done to prevent it. A young lad called Justin Bieber was a victim of bullying but it wasn’t just one person,  there was millions of them! The worst fact about all of this was it done by adults, people who should know better. People would constantly say that they hope he dies, he gets cancer etc incredibly sick stuff. What did he do to deserve this? Was he a murderer? A rapist? A paedophile? He was just a young boy who loved music and was pursuing his dream and achieved an incredibly massive and fiercely loyal fanbase who loved his catchy pop songs and pretty boy looks that made him one of the world’s most wealthiest celebrities in the world and revolutionised the music industry – I think some people got jealous

After time he wanted to ditch his floppy hair “Bieber ‘do” and bulk up to show people he’s not a little guy anymore  and launched the acoustic-driven single Boyfriend which was a  massive success but sadly many “older” people refused to give him a chance as it was seen to be uncool. This young lad came back and he kept trying to impress an audience who refused to even consider him out of stubbornness – All the boy wanted was a chance.

What happened was a year of “disgrace” he was arrested, caught peeing outside, spray painting walls, befriending some shady, hangers-on who seemed to be a bad influence, shouting at paparazzi and the list goes on just to appear cool and edgy.  He was crucified by the media even though he did what 99% of young adults would do if they had access to that amount of money and fame. If anyone tries to deny that they wouldn’t shut off roads to drag race in Lamborghini’s then you’re lying. He didn’t act responsibly but how many guys his age do? Look at Geordie/Jersey Shore – what makes them so different?

The saddest thing is especially with the video of Justin Bieber and paparazzi altercation it was Bieber who got the abuse. Here’s a normal guy trying to leave a hotel to get in to a car and you have a grown man shouting all sorts of horrible abuse at a guy who I don’t even think was even 20 at the time but because he reacted everyone was on the side of the paparazzi. What kind of world do we live in that the victim stands up for himself and yet widely criticised for doing so. What kind of message is that sending to the next generation? That if people abuse you to shut up and take it?

Every person has a year of trying different things and messing things up it’s all part of growing up. Currently, Bieber has just celebrated his 21st birthday and even went on Ellen to announce he’s a changed man and he is maturing and he seems like a completely different person and seems like he’s in a much better place.

They’re rumours of a new album and with that will surely be another world tour. If he drops another album on a par with Believe, a new grown-up good boy with rough edges image there is no reason why he can’t whip up that hysteria surrounding him 2 years ago where although he had a lot of haters his Beliebers always overpowered them. If they weren’t as passionate as they are I doubt he would’ve made it through this worldwide anti-Bieber campaign. I know not many people could have survived it.

My World & (2.0) were the albums that launched him and gave him that platform,Believe cemented his place as pop royalty, Journals was his experimental project that didn’t do as well as hoped – although it did spawn some great songs such as Confident it was a  completely different sound compared to the up-beat pop/RnB/Dance beats that made Believe a massive success that maybe some fans struggled to adapt to the change. Now he has passed all these phases his next album needs to get him back out there and be a massive success and give the fans what they want and come back from a difficult year with a bang and show off this new and improved Justin Bieber.

I hope this is a new beginning for him and he deserves it, the talent he possesses is amazing,  he can sing, play several instruments, dance and leave an audience captivated and desperate for more. It seems he’s weathered the storm and fingers crossed his next album will see him back dominating the charts. With this change of image, his Calvin Klein photoshoot nearly splitting the internet in half, potentially a new album and world tour and a Justin Bieber roast with one of the most in-demand comedians Kevin Hart to show everyone he does have a good sense of humour. He has defied the odds all of his life so there is no reason why he can’t pull off the perfect comeback. If anyone can do it, Justin Bieber can.

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