10 Quick Questions With … TIDES

TIDES are a Hertfordshire 4 piece Pop/Funk band, armed with an array of infectiously catchy melodies. Expect energy, expect fresh and expect to be hearing this name a lot more in the months to come. Fusing their pop sensibilities with a refreshing funk edge, these boys give catchy a whole new dimension. With an ever growing dedicate fanbase flooding the country, these boys are really making a name for themselves and unsurprisingly have caught the interest of Radio 1’s BBC introducing. The boys have gone from strength to strength since forming in 2012, and 2014 didn’t disappoint. Sell Out headline shows, Radio 1 air play and an exciting run of big name UK festivals has set them up for what promises to be a very exciting year ahead. With their highly anticipated second EP set for release in early 2015, and a string of large UK support dates to follow, TIDES are fast earning the title of ‘ones to watch’ and deliver a live performance that packs all the punch to render this credible!  With a successful 2014 under their belt, I feel 2015 will be TIDES breakthrough year and you should see these guys create some major waves this year. Clearly these guys are on their way up and the TIDE(s) doesn’t seem to be turning any time soon for these 4 lads.


1) Describe your perfect day.

Aaron – Wake up, breakfast in bed, phone rings “You’re going on an Arena tour with The Script & Glastonbury Festival have asked if you’ll headline this year”, doorbell goes, unexpected delivery of free clothes/food, go out for the day to somewhere cool (Zoo, Theme Park,Etc) with girlfriend,friends and my new bezzie Adam Levine..before going VIP to Maroon5 at the O2, End the night at Sophie’s steakhouse in Covent Garden, go home & get into giant bed with fresh sheets only to receive one more phone call… “You’ve won the Euro Millions”.

Tommy – Spending the day in the studio re-writing the score to ‘Oz the great and powerful’ using nothing but kazoos and mouthharps.

Christian – Anything with good weather, Good Company & Good Food!

Steve – spending the entire day in a hot tub!

2) Do you have any siblings?

Aaron – I have 2 older sisters, who thankfully grew out of their love for torture methods at the age of around 14/15 and now we’re really close 🙂

Tommy – Only my brothers in Tides….and the ones I’m actually related to

Christian – One Sister

Steve – Nope

3) Baths or showers?

Aaron – Showers .. I’m too tall for a lot of baths and I’m all arms and legs.. I look like a daddy long legs on a teaspoon!

Tommy – Showers with Seats – it’s the way forward!

Christian – Always Showers – baths take too long.

Steve – Showers 🙂

4) If you found £100,000 what would you do?

Aaron – Pay the deposit on a nice house. Pay off my car. Book a holiday. Buy lots of clothes and donate some to charity.

Tommy – buy £100,000 worth of Wham Bars then book a dentist appointment.

Steve – Obviously Hand it in

Christian – Pop it in a high interest account for safe keeping whilst I try to find the owner. My life is quite obviously, WILD.

5) Favourite beverage?

Aaron – easy… Morgan’s Spiced & Coke

Steve – A nice cold pint!

Tommy – Chocolate Milk

Christian– non-alcoholic : Good Old Orange Juice Alcoholic – Ginger beer, Passion fruit juice & Jack Daniels.

6) If you could live anywhere? Where would you live and why?

Aaron – I’d live in the Florida (USA) because it’s my favourite place that I’ve ever been, but on the condition that all my family & friends lived there too!

Tommy – Hyrule or Skyrim! Or Fistral for all the jellyfish.

Steve – Barbados.

Christian – Tutukaka, New Zealand. Just google image it. Spent some time out there and basically everyday was my answer to question one!

7) If you could choose your last meal what would it be?

Aaron – starter: Garlic Dough Balls Main: Fillet Steak from Sophie’s in London Desert: Millionaires Cheesecake with cream & ice-cream

Tommy – A Pie with a key to my jail cell.

Christian – Probably a classic like shepherds pie or bangers and mash. Then a dessert incorporating ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter and caramel.

Steve – simple. Steak & Chips

8) What’s your favourite item of clothing you own?

Aaron – My Leather Jacket

Tommy – My Zelda Necklace, it’s 7 kinds of awesome.

Christian – Anything in my wardrobe that’s black.

Steve – My Bob Marley INCT Clothing tee!

9) Cats or dogs?

Aaron – Dogs

Christian – Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats… Did I say Cats? They can have a bad attitude for no reason. I like that.

Steve – Cats

Tommy – Catdog!

10) Tell us ONE weird fact about yourselves

Aaron – as a child I had an alter ego that dressed in a lab coat and a purple Afro (actual fact)… yes I was odd!

Tommy – I can’t touch towels! Towels feel like hatred!

Christian – I’m a massive anime nerd. After coming off tour, I usually spend 4 days in bed watching anime or old cartoons to wind down haha.

Steve – I eat far too much Bombay Mix!

Make sure you purchase their brand new EP “Spare Time” which is set to be released on April 5th. Catch the boys in action as they set out on their MASSIVE UK tour where they will be performing all their hits and also showcasing tracks from Spare Time.

The band’s new single “Spare Time” is a rather up-tempo song full of funk that draws comparisons to early Maroon 5 and I’m sure it would be a track that Adam Levine and co would be very proud of. The band are a talented bunch and they have been flirting on the outskirts of the mainstream for a while now but I believe this may be the track that pushes them further in to mainstream and gain them the exposure and fanbase they truly deserve.

4th – Birmingham O2 Academy2
6th – Manchester Academy2
7th – Glasgow O2 ABC
8th – Newcastle O2 Academy
9th – London The Forum
18th – Brighton The Haunt
19th – London Camden Barfly
21st – Norwich Waterfront
8th – Birmingham Asylum2
9th – Manchester Academy3
10th – Newcastle O2 Academy2

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