Since I’ve Been Gone… One Direction Have Split in Two

Well for the past few months I have been absent on here as, although I have had things to write about all my focus was on my education. All that studying malarkey really paid off as I passed my course with a big, fat “A”. I also picked up an award at the Embracing Diversity Competition 2015 Awards Ceremony for campaign run by anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth (I would post a picture but the pictures haven’t been released yet. You probably don’t care that much either)

Anyway let’s cover the main topic that has been discussed constantly over the past 3 months – ZAYN “Bradford Bad Boi” Malik

It all started with this… (Pssst! It’s not Perrie)

Of course it didn’t take long for Directioners to get all over this and Zayn left the tour reporting “stress”

A few days later Zayn Malik announces his departure from the One Direction and the whole just world loses their s***.

I mean who’s going to hit those high notes now?!?!

Zayn disappears off the face of the earth for like a month while One Direction’s army demand answers.

Directioners slowly start to get their heads around their beloved band becoming a 4-piece UNTIL…

Naughty Boy has been milking the “Zayn Malik is my friend” routine a bit much and Louis agreed. He even posted a song by Zayn Malik on Soundcloud which turned out to be an old demo for a track that could’ve been used for One Direction.

Then everyone chilled for a bit until Zayn made his first appearance an appearance at an Asian awards show without hair. He even gave a special mention to One Direction.

Again everyone starts to relax until Naughty Boy posted this with the caption “replace this”

and Louis proceeded to have his say..

Some people were absolutely devastated by Zayn’s reaction…

And randomly Ex-footballing Maverick/Jungle Joker/Friend of Louis, Jimmy Bullard got involved on Celebrity Juice

Sadly, Louis did not pick up so Jimmy says : “You’re lucky, he’s asleep…seriously he had a lot to tell me and he don’t f****** like him (gestures towards Naughty Boy).”

Since then the 1D lads have been on James Corden’s Late Late Show and admitted everything’s all cool between them and Zayn and performed at Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley. Zayn is basically keeping his head down as much as possible and sure he’s making the most of having no work commitments and enjoying family time.


One Direction – are already close to completing their 5th album. No other boyband has really had the same longevity as One Direction and people are saying they have peaked, they look tired and lethargic on stage. The lads need a break, they’ve worked constantly since 2012 with back-to-back albums, promo appearances and tours. They played in Wales on the 5th June, flew to England to perform at Capital’s Summertime Ball the next day and then flew back to Wales to perfom their second sold out show in Wales. I don’t care who you are, that would leave the majority of us ready for a week in our beds. As much as I think they’re music is getting better with each album they deserve a break. Who knows… Maybe if they taken a break the year before Zayn would still be in the band.

Zayn – Was without a doubt the strongest vocally in One Direction and he will be missed but a solo career looks to be on the cards. However, he lost over 500,000 Twitter followers overnight due to the whole Louis fiasco and it has affected him within the One Direction fanbase with videos showing the crowd booing when his face appears in One Direction’s intro video. Whether he’s in a boyband or wants to have a solo career he needs to learn his fans are still One Direction fans and not this cool, credible, clique that hang about listening to underground music. He has to accept that you can’t just be in the biggest boyband in the world and then just sink back in to society as a nobody. He will still be recognised for years to come as a boyband member no matter how hard he tries to shake that image. Justin Timberlake embraced it and he should to, the only worry is Zayn has always been the quietest in the band. I wouldn’t say he lacks personality. His art is extraordinary and he has shown he can be witty and nice but he doesn’t always look comfortable in front of crowds when he’s not performing. Could you imagine him doing a funny skit with James Corden just himself with no one else around him? As much as Naughty Boy has produced some great songs. He is clearly a hanger-on and seriously damaging Zayn’s reputation. He needs to lose him and look elsewhere for friendship. He should hit up his friend Justin Bieber, there’s one guy who’s changed public opinion in his favour in the past 6 months.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see how the next couple of years unfold for One Direction and Zayn. My money is on a reunion in 5 years time. 

What do you guys think? Should Zayn stay away from Naughty Boy? Do you think One Direction will ever appear as a 5-piece again? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine

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