10 Quick Questions With… CRAIG HORNE (THE 21ST STATE)

Craig Horne (Singer/Guitarist, The 21st State)

I first met Craig just over 2 years ago playing a small, solo acoustic set in Glasgow and he performed a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way and changed it up to fit his own style but not taking anything away from the original and was completely blown away. We then started chatting after and you can pick up a vibe from someone pretty much instantly and work out roughly what kind of person they are. With Craig I could tell he was as genuine as they come and just loved making music, performing and generally just being a great guy who is always game for a laugh. From then I’ve watched him grow in to a young adult and a fine musician. I get sent an awful lot of new music and a lot of it is, well… Awful. However, Craig’s debut single Trains is an incredibly well-written track with catchy hooks and made it on to my Pookiepop Playlist on Spotify. Since then he’s been gigging and recording with his band The 21st State along with taking the lead as Aladdin in a theatre production show. Anyways, we were chatting and I thought I should ask him some questions…


1) If you could time travel, what year would you go back to and why? – Got to be the branch between the 50’s and 60’s when music as we know it, and the world, was starting to be transported into a modern era. Just having the freedom to kick about London wearing whatever the fuck you want, being able to walk into a bar and watch Hendrix one night then wear your best suit and hear Sinatra in the same week! Who doesn’t want to live like that! Also, it would be awesome to be involved in the era of people power and political anarchism at its peak. Where people are fighting for one an other cooperatively for a better future like Ali against the Vietnam War or Dr King.

2) What’s your favourite animal? – The Sun Bear! They just lie about all day and eat. What’s not to like! And they’re pretty cute


3) Who is your hero? – That’s a difficult one because I have a lot of different ones for different things. I guess because we are talking about me as a musician I’ll have to say Hendrix just because of the liberation and freedom in his music which has inspired generation after generation to look at life there own way instead of sticking to conventions.

4) Are you a clean or a messy person? – Messy as fuck! I think it’s because I live so first, fast and now that I can’t be arsed going back to do shit haha!

5) What’s your favourite movie? – Oh you have opened up a minefield now haha! I’m going to say Pulp Fiction and leave it at that because I’ll be here for hours sucking up its a*** haha!

6) If you owned a country what would be the first law you would introduce? – Remove the need for currency and the advocate from power and let the people rule.

7) What’s your favourite song of all time? – Aww I have so many! Probably “Waterways” by Ludovico Einaudi. I can guarantee it is the most beautiful piece of music you will hear in your life.

8) Which artist should people look out for? – Kloe probably. She’s hit this year with such a bang and is not churning out the same s*** wanabee “pop acts” and Scottish based boy bands are right now. She is looking at it and making it more expressive and more contemporary than any Scottish pop act is right now.

9)If you had a magic power what would it be? A HAPPINESS RAY!!!

10) What motivates you to work hard? – The idea that I see life as the greatest gift one can have and I don’t want to die before doing something absolutely spectacular with my life in such a way that I can be remembered by the history books for generations to come.

Right now, Craig is currently working on his solo EP called Spanish Air whilst also performing at festivals and events around the UK with his band 21st State over Summer. The 21st State will then head to legendary Old Mill Recording Studio to record their debut EP.

You can catch Craig and his band The 21st State on:

Facebook –  Craig Horne/The 21st State

Twitter – CraigHorneMusic/The 21st State

Instagram – craighorne96/The 21st State


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