5 Tips To Survive Food Poisoning!

Last week I was laid in bed feeling rather poorly. I had hardly ate the previous 2 weeks due to my swollen lip and bruised face but there is only so many times you can have cream of chicken soup without it starting to resemble sick. My mum encouraged me to finally eat solid food so she ordered in a chippy to celebrate – I got a half-fried pizza crunch supper with a bit of black  pudding. I then spent the rest of the week between my bed and the toilet and I felt as if I was going to die. However, I survived to write this article so if you ever get food poisoning or know someone who’s been poisoned then just stick to these 5 essentials and you’ll be fine.

5.Medicine – The essentials to survive and fast forward through this horrific ordeal I was on Buscopan, Imodium and Paracetamol and all were needed. I felt like I was constantly swallowing tablets but the more I took the better I felt although I did get a tad drowsy on them. It really helped settle my stomach and also removed really bad abdominal pains as well. Just stick to the recommended dosage and you’ll be fine!


4. Drink Plenty – I basically lived on water for the first few days mainly to swallow tablets and I felt dehydrated being in my bed all day when the sun was nearly burning a hole in my curtain. After a while I switched to flavoured water. Volvic came to the rescue and I near enough drank my bodyweight in Volvic Juiced: Sunny Orange. Then when I started to feel a bit more human and my temperature went back to normal, I would then enjoy a cup of tea because you really can’t beat a cup of Tetley’s now, can you?!

3. Bubble Baths – Baths make everyone feel better, whether you’re in a bad mood, tired, upset or unwell a great bubble bath will make you feel better. You need to have the perfect bath experience though to really get those post-bath feels. Get a couple of scented candles in your bathroom, run a lovely bath and make sure it’s extra bubbly – ’cause I mean why have a bath without bubbles, right?! – chuck a bath bomb in there for good measure, cause they’re really fun to watch and turn on your speakers and blast some Taylor Swift. Whether you’re a 50 year old Metallica-loving man with long hair and a Harley Davidson or a 5 year old girl who likes Barbie enjoys a bit of Taylor Swift. When you’re in the bath make sure you use Dead Sea Salt and Sweet Almond Oil bath salt scrub as it really works wonders on the skin. Then when you’re finally getting out apply British Tunda Berries and Meadowsweet with Jojoba Oil body butter souffle and you will feel like a new man/woman.


2. Netflix Binge – Lying in bed for a week can be rather tedious. All your friends are going on bar crawls, holidays, exploring, attending events and you’re laying in bed like a gross, sweaty potato. You might as well embrace your inner potato and just watch binge-watch. Find a good TV series such as Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Orange Is The New Black etc and just binge-watch. Before you know it you’ve rattled through 2 seasons in a day and by the end you care more about Alex and Piper’s relationship more than changing your own underwear.

1. Have Someone To Look After You – I’m incredibly blessed to have such an amazing mum. She’s raised me and my brother by herself since we were born and would give me her last penny to make sure I never went without. She has been a real star looking after me and being at my beck and call day and night. 3am on a Tuesday night and she even stayed up with me while I watched Harry Potter and she made me some soup. God knows how she even put up with me but I brought her in a nice bouquet of flowers to say thanks. She really does deserve it. If you stay by yourself get a partner or a best friend or even a pet. As long as you have someone to keep you company it will make you feel a bit better than being by yourself..


Also many thanks to all the messages that I received. It really was greatly appreciated!

If you have any other tips feel free to post them, if any of these helped you, or even if you just “pulled a sickie” from work just to try it out. Let me know your thoughts!


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