Maybe Anaconda Just Wasn’t That Good, Nicki

Over the past week there have been various talking points such as WWE sacking the Hulk Hogan for dropping the “N” bomb, the swastika on the Croatia football team’s pitch and David Beckham doing what he does best… Being David Beckham. However, there has been one topic in particular which has played on my mind more than it really should have which is the Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift drama. Since Taylor Swift apologised and Nicki all ended I’m just going to pop up and say my piece since it seems everyone else has…

If you have been living under a rock for the past few days I’ll talk you through it:

The MTV VMA’s  announced the “Video of the Year” nominees


All are the nominations are amazing in their own way, the only one I have doubts over is Beyoncé – I love Beyoncé but it wasn’t a life-changing video. It was her and her friends dancing which is cute but for example is it really better than Sia’s Elastic Heart? It’s still a good song and video but I feel there are more deserving of the nomination.

Nicki gets a bit upset about not being nominated and starts throwing some unnecessary shade and Taylor calls her out on it.


Now, please tell me if I’m wrong but there are only 2 women nominated for the award and one of them is famous for her curves so it must be the other one – Taylor Swift. Unless I’m missing something here it definitely looks like shots being fired.

Nicki has the chance to say how she really feels and go to town on Taylor in that sassy Minaj manner… But doesn’t.


Then who were you speaking about, Nicki?

Taylor responds in a true Taylor fashion…


Either a ridiculously pleasant response or a shady dig? I have yet to work that one out.

Then Taylor logged off and Nicki went to town on everything anti-Taylor Swift


… and Nicki was playing the race card as well


That continued for 2 days until Taylor apologised… And Nicki accepted?



The end.

I was a fan of Nicki Minaj before, a lot of her songs are on my Itunes and some of her songs are great but the way she acted as a person was embarrassing. On one hand Anaconda did break records and was a really popular video and for me personally would have been up there due to how popular it was (even though the actual song sucks). Cases could be made for Ariana Grande, One Direction, Sia and so many more – yet only Nicki taken offence to not being picked.

Claiming the only reason she wasn’t chosen was because of her having a curvaceous figure and being black is laughable when Beyonce was chosen as one of the nominees along with the pettiness of favouriting and retweeting anti-Taylor Swift posts was unnecessary and childish. Being half-black I feel I can comment on Nicki playing the race card and it is a joke and will do more damage than good to fellow people of black heritage. There’s no Asian nominees, no +35’s, no Hispanic nominees, there’s no homosexual nominees, there’s no rock acts who have been nominated, there’s no Transgender nominees and there’s even no bloody albino nominees. There are currently 4 non-caucasians involved in the 5 songs chosen compared to the 3 caucasians involved – make of that as you will. Just because they aren’t nominated doesn’t mean they are anti-whoever it just means there were better options. Nicki’s statement is almost as ridiculous as Snoop Dogg claiming he was pulled up on a drug charge solely based on the colour of his skin.

The 2014 awards gets brought up a lot by Nicki’s fans because Miley Cyrus won it because she was swinging on a wrecking ball. Besides the point she was naked throughout, h song was an emotional song and artistically maybe it made difference being naked and was relevant to the song – Like being naked is when you’re at your most vulnerable and exposed (excuse the pun) and all it suddenly seems relevant to the song. However, rapping about big butts, twerking in Drake’s face while a pineapple spins on a vinyl never really gripped me full of emotion. It’s an alright song to listen to in a club and the video gave me all sorts of feels being a typical heterosexual guy but I wasn’t moved by it. The video broke records being Nicki Minaj is incredibly attractive and so are her dancers and they dance provocatively- Apart from that it’s just a fancy shell with nothing inside.

This is a sad outcome, I always held Nicki in the highest regard because to me she was a strong, black, female figure and who owned a sense of empowerment and it seems to have got the best of her tot he stage where she has a sense of entitlement. Many others could complain about not being nominated but they’ve said “hey, that’s life.” and move on. I wasn’t a fan of The Pinkprint album, I would like to see her get back in the studio, take her time and work on a quality album to the standard that everyone knows she is capable of. She is an incredibly talented rapper and one of the best right now along with being one of the best female rappers of all time.

I agree with her on one topic though. There aren’t enough female rappers around but whether that’s due to a lack of talented female rappers, racism/sexism within the industry or even just there’s no demand since Nicki is sitting comfortably at the top, that’s the industry. The Wanted tried to rival One Direction and look how that went.

Either way at the end of this saga I’ve lost a lot of respect for Nicki. I hope she doesn’t forget where she came from. The majority of musicians would bite your hand off just to attend the VMA’s let alone be up for TWO nominations. Nicki needs to understand how good she has it right now when there are so many more people struggling to sell 50 copies of their mixtape, have 30 people attend their show s and will never attend an awards show let lone be nominated. Nicki needs to be more humble and understand humility, get her head down and work harder on her next album and with her undoubted talent then she should win it. 

Let me know what you guys think, were you Team Taylor or Team Nicki? Were they both right or wrong? Do you think Anaconda deserved the nomination or was there a better choice? 


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