Song of the Month: Little Mix – Black Magic

Little Mix have finally released their new single from their third album Get Weird and it is an absolute pop gem. Black Magic has taken the girls away from their cool and edgy vibe and focused on a real upbeat feel-good pop song. The girls have really worked their magic on this track while hearing influences of Spice Girls’ girl power theme and Cyndi Lauper’s feel-good anthems being heard throughout the song.

When chart songs these days usually involve an iconic track being sampled, a big named feature such as Pitbull or The Weeknd or has a really distinct hip hop, RnB, rock, country vibe, Black Magic is a good ol’ pop, dance-around-your-bedroom-waving-your-arms kind of song and it embraces that and doesn’t disguise itself as something else which would have been so easy to do in this day and age where pop isn’t seen as “cool” but no matter the genre, if a song is good it will be recognised.

I am massively pleased about the track as myself along with many others had their doubts over whether any new music would ever be released due to several reasons – mainly rumours:

  • the cancellation of their North American tour  because they wanted to focus on their third album. (rumour: suggested poor ticket sales)
  • delaying the new album due to making sure their album was the best they could make it (rumour: Label dispute over certain songs)
  • The rise of US rivals Fifth Harmony meant Little Mix now had some serious competition.
  • Boyfriend drama, being engaged to a guy who was in the biggest boyband in the world and one of the most popular guys will have it’s downside as when Zayn left One Direction Perrie’s Instagram was filled with the most horrific comments I’ve ever witnessed blaming her for his departure from the band. Apart from that you had the others apparently in and out of relationships and of course Jesy spending a lot of time with Jake from the band Rixton. (Rumour: Some of the girls are more interested in settling down than the band)

*The rumours were just rumours and nothing more.

With all those rumours and the amount of pressure these girls were under many people would have crumbled or panicked and released something of poor quality just to get their music out there. The wait has been worth it and they have a highly entertaining music video to go with it as well.

The video puts a lot of emphasis on self-confidence and girl power and hopefully young girls feel empowered by this group as they really do seem like great role models for kids to look up to compared to several less-clothed, female stars around today. The video also reminds me of Harry Potter if it was through Hermione’s eyes and also if it was a musical.

Eh, am I right?!

Although I love the song, Black Magic isn’t going to be an iconic song like Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun nor is it going to change your outlook on the world like John Lennon’s Imagine. However, the song should be recognised for what it is – A fantastic pop song that deserves all the praise it is receiving and the rest.

To date Black Magic has spent 3 weeks at #1 in the UK hopefully the US take notice of this group and give them the global recognition they deserve. This track has now been added to my Pookiepop Playlist on Spotify. This only goes to prove right now Little Mix are still the ones to beat and are currently the number 1 girl group. If all the songs on the album are this good then I am truly excited for the launch of the album later in the year.



Let me know your thoughts on the song, did you like it? Would you change the ratings? Are you excited for Get Weird? Did you think there was a better song this month?


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