Dear Directioners, Please Don’t Break One Direction

Before I start I must say I am a big fan of One Direction. I greatly enjoy their music and they seem like a nice bunch of guys. Since XFactor I have watched them progress from boys to men, performing a UK tour in front of a couple of hundred to performing a world stadium tour in front of 90,000.


Their rise has been nothing short of meteoric and with that has come probably the most hilarious and dedicated fandom I have ever witnessed – sorry Beliebers – from their creative picture edits to their hilarious hashtags. They know more about One Direction and Zayn than I know about myself. This is why I am already fearing the backlash I will probably recieve from this post.

Directioners have played a major part creating the phenomenon that is One Direction and are a fiercely loyal bunch. They want to be a part of everything One Direction, they want to know where all of the members are 24/7, they want pictures with them like any fan would do and they will document every little detail about the band and everything related to the band. It truly is amazing and terrifying in equal measure.

As much as you guys provide me with some major Twitter entertainment here is some food for thought and things you should maybe realise:

  • Less 24/7 Surveillance – Each of those boys lives are under scrutiny 24/7 from fans, journalists, younger boybands, “real bands” and haters wanting them to mess up I can only look and wonder how those 4 guys are managing to keep their sanity. I know from being 16 years of age through to, well even now I enjoy going to parties, and occasionally getting really drunk and embarrassing myself. I think the majority of people can relate, however those guys must be on edge constantly in this age of video phones if they were to get drunk, kiss a girl, fall through a table or even standing on an apartment ledge pretending you’re Batman (We have all been there) you can bet that it will be filmed and be trending on Twitter in minutes.

    Regardless of what anyone says about “real music” and “normal life” that hand-holding incident with Zayn was effectively the straw that broke the camel’s back. Without any information fans taken to Twitter to accuse Zayn of cheating and a picture of him on a night out trended all day long without any regard for the band, him or his fiancé. It doesn’t matter who she is because it’s nobody’s business apart from theirs and that’s what people need to realise. Well then Zayn left due to stress and then left the band completely. Funnily enough One Direction fans were attacking his fiancé on Instagram which definitely ruined any small chance of him getting back with the band.


  • Stop With Unnecessary Rumours – Okay, Larry Stylinson was a mildly amusing joke for the first 2 seconds but it’s grown old now. They act like normal guys do around their best friends. I can kiss my guy friends on the cheek, we can hold hands and skip for a laugh, the same way i’m sure most girl full on French kiss their girl friends but no one shouts “lesbian”. It was a joke which has now made things awkward between 2 best friends because even if they look at each other during a show or an interview you can bet again “Larry” will be trending. Regardless of all that even though Louis was in a long-term relationship and is now set to become a father and Harry is… Well, Harry. Who is anyone to try and “out” someone. If they really were gay and were pretending to be straight (LOL) whose business is it of anyone’s to try and force someone out of that 1D-shaped closet? They would come out when they feel ready to come out even though there is a 99.9% chance that they really are all a bunch of heterosexual guys. – FYI Modest aren’t some evil corporation destroying One Direction they happen to be a pretty good management group who have helped turn One Direction from just a boyband in to one of the biggest bands of all time, if anything you should be thanking them.
  • Respect – A simple one, something you learn when you’re a child. I’m sure it’s easy to forget that these guys are not just here for your entertainment but they’re not. I’m sure they would love to meet everyone fan and spend time speaking to them all but at the end of the day these young guys are just human beings the same as You & I (sorry, not sorry). They deserve the respect of that of a fellow human being. Yes, you may pay for their merchandise and pay for their shows but they pay you back through their music. Anything else is a bonus and should be treated as such. So many times “fans” line up to aim abuse at the band for leaving through the back exit of an airport, if someone has been flying for 5-6 hours the last thing they want is to deal with a large crowd of screaming people and flashing cameras, you want to go straight to your bed. Last year the performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend from which they were performing Ireland the night before and performing in Ireland again the same night and yet people were complaining. 3 shows in under 24 hours in 2 different countries would have most of us glued to our pillows for a week. From their security guy Mark Jarvis cancelling the “Where We Going Today, Mark?” videos with Niall due to harsh comments from fans to the sadly even more recent incident where Liam was given abuse by fans for not stopping for pictures while being chased by paparazzi with his family.


The One Direction fandom is incredibly powerful they have proved that by annihilating Naughty Boy, the No Control campaign and getting their amazing new single Drag Me Down to #1 in 82 countries and also making it smash Spotify records with 4.75 million plays on the first day of release – and that’s all been in the past 2 months! The future of the band is essentially in your hands, you can rally behind them and get this next album breaking records or you can pester the band about being in a homosexual relationship until another one of them realises they don’t need to put up with it anymore, they are financially secure for life and the fame may seem like more of a curse than a blessing. One Direction is your shiny toy that you don’t want to share but if you play too rough with something you will eventually break it – and if you break it, the damage done might just be irreparable.



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