London Butterflies: Buy or Bye (Review)

Everyone enjoys a bath. There is no better feeling than enjoying a nice, relaxing bubble bath surrounded with a couple of scented candles and some absolute cheesy singalongs – if you say you haven’t belted out Dancing Queen in the bath then you’re lying.

Luckily, the lovely people over at London Butterflies realise that men enjoy a good ol’ pampering session as much as the next person. They sent me out the 2 most popular products purchased by men and I really did mean to publish this sooner but I have spent half my time in the bath and the other half getting people to smell me – I am normal, honest.

The first item I pulled out was the Dead Sea Salt and Sweet Almond Oil Bath Salt Scrub which was a nice change. I hadn’t used a bath scrub before and the texture of it was unusual, it felt like a really soft Vaseline feel and you can feel the salt granules along with the strong scent of almond oil – first impressions weren’t great. However, I hopped in the bath and used it, but focused more on the dryer areas of my body i.e. elbows. knees.

I left that bath feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom, my skin was feeling fresh, rehydrated and my skin had a real glow about it. I made the sad mistake of telling my mum who can often get dry skin – being a red-head she really does struggle during the Summer months – and she used it and was amazed, now I need to hide it from her. This unisex product is a must-buy for anyone seeking really soft, baby-smooth skin. Don’t be put of by the odd texture, it feels strange at first but you get used to it and works wonders



Appearance – 2/5 Effectiveness – 4.5/5

Cost – £29.99


Item number 2  was the British Tundra Berries and Meadowsweet with Golden Jojoba Oil Body Butter Souffle. I’m quite apprehensive about body butter although most of them smell great a lot of them often make your skin greasy and the scent usually last for about an hour. However, this body butter doesn’t do that and makes your skin feel great and you literally smell like the best fruit bowl in the history of fruit bowls for the full day. I do have a confession to make, I don’t really know what a “British Tundra Berry” is or “Meadowsweet” but what I do know is that it smells bloody delicious. At this very minute I’m fighting the urge not to eat myself!



Appearance – 5/5 Effectiveness – 4/5

Cost – £29.99


Overall Verdict – For under £60 you can have both of these products which work together perfectly. One makes your skin soft and fresh and gives your skin a new lease of life and the other makes you smell like a dream. Guys, if you’re heading out on the weekend trying to win the heart of an (un)lucky lady or guy… Or both – Whatever floats your boat. I read that within 7 seconds most people can work out whether they are attracted to that person or not so first impressions are crucial – don’t deny it, you’ve did it before. The top 3 main senses of attraction are appearance, smell and touch. If you use these products people will notice you have really good skin, then when you muster up the courage to talk them and they say yes and you’re leading them to the dancefloor they will realise that your skin doesn’t just look great, it feels great and then when you’re dancing closely they’ll realise you smell like the tastiest fruit salad ever.

So guys, don’t complain about how these products are for girls. Get your bahookie in to 2015. What first attracts you to someone, doesn’t only equate to you. You can beat your chest and call yourself a man but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look, smell and feel great and also be a man and that is why you should buy these products.


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