How to Improve Hospital Waiting Rooms

Last week I was out with my good friend, owner of D.S.D street dance group Daniel Reynolds and my other friend Ryan McCreadie who is 1/4 of new British boy band Distr4ction.

Together we spent a boys day full of fun and frolics watching the football (what even was that, Arsenal?!), playing football and then followed by going a drive up to the notorious Car Park in the Sky. We were having a great day and we even ended up making some new friends in the car next to us. They started playing Soulja Boy and we all got out and started “crankin’ dat”. It appears I cranked way too hard and a wild pothole appeared and I went over my ankle due to it being pitch black.

The following day I was sat in the hospital waiting room for 45 minutes with no IPod, 7% battery left on my phone and a foot3x the size of te other. I then spent the following 3 hours seriously bored and decided to come up with a list of things to improve hospital waiting rooms.

  1. Music – there was an awkward, deathly silence echoing through the room with the occasional murmur. I don’t expect a disco ball and a DJ starting a rave. Put on some background music, everyone enjoys a bit of Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran.
  2. Television – There was one TV that was on mute and showing bus times at the exact same time Manchester City were playing West Brom (I know what I would rather watch.)
  3. Games Consoles – If you’re sitting there for 30 minutes that is easily one game of Fifa or Call of Duty.
  4. Cafe – I just wanted a panini and a bottle of water. Sadly there was only a cheap coffee machine and 2 juice machines – funnily enough one had a bottle of Strathmore water advertised on the cover but the only drink options were Diet Irn-Bru, Diet Coke and 7Up – I never got my bottle of water or Panini…
  5. Phone Chargers – Since my phone was dying at the point of writing this and I left my charger in the house. If they had those phone charger machines that would have been sweet since I am glued to my phone pretty much 24/7.
  6. Waiting Time Updates – I got told 5 minutes which soon turned to 10 and then 20, 30, 40 and then 45. You can get apps for buses, trains and even Domino’s has an app so you can not just see when your pizza will be delivered but also what stage your pizza is at but somehow there is no app for how long you’ll be sat waiting to be seen by a doctor.
  7. Jacuzzi – ’cause everyone loves a jacuzzi and it would be way more relaxing than those seats I was sat on.

When I started this I was extremely bored and it would have been nice to have had these things while I was sat there. Of course it’s not a serious list due to impracticalities of Jacuzzi situated right in the middle of an A&E waiting room.

Also many thanks for the kind messages and gifts. I have actually put on so much weight over the past week due to all the chocolates. Oh yeah, if anyone cares I have a broken foot and will be on crutches for 6 weeks and I have since gained a serious Pretty Little Liars addiction.

If you can think of any other things that should be added to the list feel free to let me know!


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