Jake Aldridge – Give You The World

Jake Aldridge might be a name unfamiliar to the average pop listener but Jake has been bubbling under the surface for a while now waiting on that big break racking up just under 100,000 plays on Soundcloud along the way.


Give You The World is the latest track by Jake and this one has Summer written all over it. From the tinkly Summer synth to the uplifting catchy chorus this song will be incredibly difficult to forget whether you want to or not.

Lyrically the song is quite emotional about being in love and looking at the lyrics you can see it and relate but Jake seemed to struggled to transfer that emotion from paper with his delivery. If he had managed to deliver it with the same emotion as he wrote it truly would be an amazing song. That’s what people relate to, they want to feel the emotion through the song. The  middle eight was the game-changer for me and made the song end on a high. It was the most emotionally charged part of the song and you can really connect to it which really made this song go from average to good and made the song end on a high.

The song is an incredibly well-written and produced song but I don’t feel this will be the one that finally pushes him in to the mainstream. It just seems to be lacking that certain edge that people have come to expect from rap artists. I can’t help but feel that if this song had the same snarl of Professor Green or the delivery of Eminem combined with the vocal acrobatics of Emeli Sande or Sia on the chorus this song would easily make it in to the top 5 in the charts.

There is no denying the talent is there and that is the frustrating part. He can write songs with killer hooks, he has a good flow when he raps and he can also hold a tune and has the potential to be something rather special. However, some help is needed. It is difficult being unsigned and wanting to compete with signed artists who have 10+ of the best songwriters and producers money can buy with vocal coaching and basically everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them. The talent and potential is there he just needs some minor tweaking.

For Fans Of:

  • Professor Green
  • JLS
  •  Labrinth


Good song but just lacking that certain spark.




  1. I couldn’t disagree with this review more. I think you can hear every emotion truly felt through every word delivered

    I also disagree that other artists such as Enimem & Professor Green could do this song better justice. Neither of these artists have the same flair Jake is trying achieve. What makes the song so special is that it has been written & performed by someone who is to an extent unknown at present. Jake is not trying to be another mainstream artist like Jay Z, 50 Cent etc. We also have very few rappers/artists in the UK who write, produce & perform their music written about real life experiences.

    I think further recognition of the raw talent is required here.


    1. Hi Leah, I’m not doubting his talent at all. I was crediting his songwriting ability, more than anything. I rated this song as I would any other song, songs with dozens of the best songwriters and producers on them. If I was rating it on an unsigned scale it would have been a lot higher. I think if Jake was working with the best producers and songwriters (not necessarily using their songs but even just learning from them for a month) then Jake would grow even further. As I said before the talent is there and the potential for something special is there I just feel he just needs someone of experience to smoothen out those edges and help mould him in to an artist that can take on the charts. I have faith in him to succeed.


  2. Ive been on jakes friend/music list quite awhile and openly promote his talent and music which is addictive to say the least I like give u the world thought its not my fave track of his but I agree watch this space my dad recorded groups ive been around music my whole life and Jake Aldridge is a name everyone’s going to hear a lot more from x


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