Song of the Month “One Direction – Drag Me Down” (August)

Being a One Direction fan looks easy on the surface such as going to shows and buying merchandise, but it is a lot more than that. When they are not at a 1D concert or counting the days to the concert you can usually find them editing pictures/videos, creating new hashtags #OhNo(insert name), slaying rival artists and fandoms on social media (Naughty Boy anyone?), endless online promotion for new singles/albums/tours/fragrances/anything 1D related, writing “Larry” fanfiction. I could go on…

However, 2015 has been an emotionally and mentally draining for the band’s fans. Zayn Malik leaving the band, Louis vs Naughty Boy, Louis vs Zayn, Louis set to become a father – and they’re not the mother. The Directioners are still a fiercely loyal fan base and One Direction repaid their loyalty with a song which seem to make all the troubles over the past few months disappear.

Drag Me Down shows the band musically evolve once more, progressing from that stadium-rock sound of Midnight Memories and Four to a more edgy, lowkey rock vibe. When I heard it I couldn’t help but feel this song could easily be on the latest Fall Out Boy or You Me At Six albums.

At first I had doubts about One Direction after Zayn’s departure. In my opinion, he was the best vocally. I mean some of his high notes left me clutching my chest with tears in my eyes – So many feels… – *ahem* As I was saying I had my doubts, but this song put any doubts I had to rest. Two special mentions need to go to Harry Styles who showed off some incredible vocals at the end of the track. Louis Tomlinson deserves the other mention, Louis gets a hard time as the weakest vocalist. He’s not a bad singer, the others are just really, really good. He has a unique voice which sounds great on this type of song and his solo is a real stand-out performance for me. (For other great Louis solo’s check out “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and “No Control“.)

Since its release it hit #1 in 82 countries, became the most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours, gave the boys another new UK #1 and debuted and peaked at #3 on the US Billboard charts. Pretty amazing for a song released on the back of zero promotion.

If you haven’t already heard it, why not watch the music video? This way you get to listen to the song and see 4 guys training to be astronauts along with facial close-ups and endless hair flips.


Great song, mature sound, but it’s just lacking that something (Zayn high note?) to make it a classic. Saying that, It is definitely still worthy of a slot on the Pookiepop Playlist.



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