Goodbye Shaggy Hair, Hello Mr ‘Frohawk

There are not many better feelings than when you leave a Barber shop and you have a great new hair style, you feel like a brand new person when you leave. Over the past few months I have tried to decide what style I should go for and although the longer I couldn’t decide the longer my hair got until my fringe was tickling my nose and I had what resembled a bird’s nest on top of my head.

I met up with my brother the other week for a catch up and he was rocking dreads! I was impressed considering my brother has owned his afro for the whole of his 25 years but he’s never really experimented with his hair. I loved the originality and the creativeness of it so I had to get in touch with the people behind this work of art.


I booked my appointment at Rain Dogs Society located in Glasgow’s notorious West End to see if they could help me and my excess hair problem. I was welcomed in to this Barber shop that had all the charm and charisma of a chic bar. No awkward silences, no glum faces giving every customer a short back and sides or a number 1 all over and no commercial radio station playing the same 5 pop songs on a loop.

All the staff have such a fresh outlook on hair all and are more than happy offering suggestions and ideas. They appreciate that not every person is going to suit the same hairstyle and they cut and style based on each person.

Before we started, me and Behn discussed what we could do with my hair for about 20 minutes so I told him I have faith in him and put my hair in his hands. I have never saw anyone so pleased about cutting hair before, he truly looked like a kid on Christmas morning!

After an hour of shaving, cutting, styling I went from having a shaggy mess to a fresh, original ‘frohawk style. I can’t really describe articulately what exactly happened to my hair but click here to get a run-through of the procedure and to see pictures of my new ‘do!

I am incredibly lucky to have my hair cut by such amazing professionals who have already racked up a stellar clientele in such a short space of time. Going there you can understand why the place is turning in to a hot spot and attracting various celebrities and footballers.

So if you want:

  • A quality haircut
  • Professional opinion and recommendations based on your own style
  • Great conversation
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • listen to music like Rolling Stones while sipping on a cold beer
  • Future advice on how to keep your hair healthy and stylish

Then look no further than Rain Dogs Society.

Much love to all the staff and especially Behn for making it such a pleasant experience and I’m sure I will be back shortly.

Shola had just popped out for lunch , but she’ll be in the next one (promise)


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