My New Pretty Little Obsession

Since I broke my foot I struggled to do much so I decided to get stuck in to a new TV series to pass the time – that series was Pretty Little Liars.

Oh. My. God. Never has my obsession for a TV series been this strong since Breaking Bad and that was an intense few weeks! – I watched all 130 episodes of PLL in 8 days, I would watch episodes 12 hours+ at a time, I would get a few hours sleep and caffeine became my best friend. The show is the perfect mixture of Gossip Girl and Sherlock. A murder mystery full of twists and turns and moments that has you sucked in from the first episode. Don’t fear, it’s not all death and problem solving, it also covers the average lives of teenagers through teenage romances, peer pressure, relationships with family and the usual dramas that teenagers encounter going through adolescence.

The 4 main characters are instantly likeable but at times can be equally frustrating (DON’T GO IN TO THE WOODS!!!). You can relate to all the main characters in at least one way or another:

  • Aria is the “artsy” girl and seemingly the glue that holds the friends together. She has endured a parent separation, looks out for her troublesome younger sibling and also entered a relationship that is frowned upon by society.
  • Hanna is your typical ditzy blonde who has suffered from an eating disorder, has a difficult relationship with her estranged father and is probably the most image and self-conscious out of the whole group.
  • Emily is the loyal, athletic one, who loves swimming. She struggled at first with coming to terms with her sexuality and also having to deal with her parents struggling to accept her sexuality.
  • Spencer is probably the most mature and is blessed with intelligence in abundance and constantly strives for perfection and need to always be correct. However, although coming from a wealthy family with a rich heritage can be a blessing, it also has its downfalls, the pressure of living up to the family name proves a struggle which ultimately lead to her drug problem.

Within these 4 characters you are more than likely to find at least one situation or characteristic that you can also relate to regardless of your sex, race or age which is why the show is as popular as it is.

As much as everyone says that lying is wrong, sometimes we feel that we have to lie to protect ourselves and the ones we love and pretty much everyone has at least one skeleton lurking in their closet.

Season 6B of “Pretty Little Liars” won’t be back on until 2016 so that just about gives me enough time to get my sleeping pattern back to normal before it gets well and truly messed up once again by the 4 (now 5) girls from Rosewood. It’s fair to say I am now an official member of the PLL fandom and proud.
Who’s your favourite PLL character? What’s been your favourite moment so far? Who do you “ship” the most? Let me know in the comments or via social media.

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