Jelly Bear – Healthy Bear Review

Jelly Bear is one of the finest dessert parlours in Scotland and has gained a stellar reputation for its quality sweet treats. Everyone loves eating waffles, cakes and ice cream, but they have realised – as we all do at the beginning of a new year – that health is also important. Introducing: Healthy Bear.

Healthy Bear is the exciting new launch of this healthier alternative sister company to Jelly Bear, the perfect way to usher in a new year and help you stick to your weight-loss resolution. No longer will you have to look all over for quality, tasty, reasonably-priced, healthy food before deciding to head to your nearest Greggs and feeling disappointed with yourself because you chose a lukewarm sausage roll over something healthy because you didn’t want to pay £10 on a salad.

As soon as I stepped foot inside the building the decor is unlike many of the usual sweets and treats stores which usually leave you trapped in confined spaces on uncomfortable wooden chairs and awkwardly touching the person next to you. This was a spacious, modern building that instantly seems inviting  – imagine if the Apple store sold food instead of technology. This is how these sort of stores should be, fun and friendly. I mean, they even had beanbags to relax on!

I then looked over the menu, each item looking as appealing as the next. I don’t know whether it was because they all looked so good but it taken a good 10 minutes for me to decide what to order as I sank further into my beanbag before opting for the “Red Thai Chicken wrap” a braised chicken breast with Thai herbs, spices and coconut milk. A delightful meal, not overly spicy but yet full of flavour. I find healthier meals often leave my stomach unsatisfied and leaves me feeling hungrier than before I ate but this freshly-made bite left me feeling full and content.

I washed all this down with a strawberry, banana and pear smoothie. I can’t lie, it looked horrendous it actually looked like porridge. However, my mum taught me to never judge a book by its cover, so I went for it. You know how looks can be deceiving? Well, this was one of them. Really sweet, not too thick that it takes years just to drink it through a straw and not too thin that it tastes like flavoured water. I sometimes find a lot of places sweeten their smoothies so much you can actually feel your teeth disintegrating, with this smoothie you taste a lot more of the various blends of fruit rather than consume the usual diabetes in a cup we have often come to expect.



  1. Healthy
  2. Delicious
  3. Affordable
  4. Relaxing Atmosphere
  5. Lovely Venue

Those 5 points should be the reason why you should head along to Glasgow’s new hottest and healthiest venue. If you are like me and you know come next week your “New year, new me” slogan will be firmly in the bin, you’ll never see the inside of a gym again until the week before you head off on holiday in the Summer and you’ll be back timing yourself to see how quick you can eat 20 chicken nuggets, then fear not. While your “never eating unhealthy again” may be a thing of the past there is no reason why you still can’t eat tasty food whether you are on a diet or not.

At least this way you can have a delightful, healthy lunch and then you can justify turning into Stewie afterwards…


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