Week 1 – A New Beginning

Dear Diary,

One week has now passed since it has become 2016… And I don’t feel any different, should I? I dunno. However, like the rest of the world, I have also created some New Year’s resolutions.

  • Financially be less stupid – I am well known amongst friends to buy things I don’t need purely for the sake of spending.
  • Get fit – I put on a bit of weight last year after breaking my foot which stopped me from going to the gym and then when Winter came, I didn’t want to leave my bed.
  • Experience new things – I want to go out and travel to different locations, take up new hobbies and generally just have new experiences.
  • Blogging – I have been somewhat “inconsistent”, as some might say, with this blog. However, education and part-time work also get in the way which can be incredibly draining. Hopefully, this weekly diary will allow me to keep up a good level of consistency. Although, it could fall flat on its face after a month like every resolution in the history of mankind.

I made some subtle changes and additions to my blog, this diary being one of them. I was tempted to make this a daily diary but, ha! That involves a level of dedication and I cannot give and would simply be me writing about me waking up, eating, having a bath, eating, studying, eating, napping, eating. Reading that 365 times would be incredibly boring. At least, with this weekly blog you only need to read it 52 times – 53 this year.

The second addition has come as quite an unexpected one, even to myself. I often find myself being the voice of reason to a lot of friends, offering guidance and advice where need be – and I hate to blow my horn – but it’s all seemed to have worked out so far. Anyway, I shall be acting as an Agony Aunt (Uncle?) for the internet. All you need to do if you have a problem or an issue send an email to enquiries@pookiepopblog.com followed by the subject headingDEAR JAY“. Simply type out a letter stating your problem and I will select a few letters each month to get published – Your identity will not be revealed at any given time.

I received a message from a young girl the other day saying her friend Helen, who always keeps up with everything that I’m doing and shows her love and support constantly is currently undergoing some tests. I know, more than anyone how daunting these kind of tests can be so I messaged her wishing her well and obviously had to send her this rather beautiful selfie.

She seemed to like it even though I got out my super cosy bed to take it. Since it put a smile on her face, then it was 100% worth it!

Also, this past week I have been hitting the gym a lot – 4 times to be exact – fingers crossed I can keep it up. The last thing I want is to be looking like a whale at this hot tub party in February. That is my ultimate fear. Going to a hot tub party surrounded by skinny minnies and I have a wee tub for a stomach.

A few people have also been asking about this charity football match I was supposed to take part in for Cancer Research in February. But, I have not heard anything more regarding whether it’s still going ahead or not. It would be quite nice to have a kickabout and raise money for charity at the same time but if anything changes you will be the first to know as it will be on my social media pages.

Well before I go I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a fantastic 2016.

Next Week: I get put through my paces by one of Scotland’s best personal trainer’s


If you have any enquiries/bookings then get in contact with me at enquiries@pookiepopblog.com


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