My Session With AG Fitness Trainng

Due to my “Get Fit” resolution highlighted in my diary last week, I decided to turn to Andy Graydon, one of Scotland’s finest PT’s. Since Andy is based in Glasgow and so am I, it seemed only fair that I paid him a visit.

I got in about 30 minutes early and sat down and observed a Crossfit class that looked simply terrifying. While they were doing what seemed like 997867868676576 pull-ups and 18 minutes of kettlebell(ing?) and skipping – a workout that would send a shiver down the spine of even the most hardened athletes. I contemplated running away as I imagined myself trying to do one pull-up and not even getting off the ground while everyone in the gym gave me a wedgie each, which would be labelled under “#LADGymBantz”

Finally, they finished and Andy came over, introduced himself and put my mind to much-needed rest. He talked me through what I was going to be doing and made me  sign some forms – nothing major, just that if I died then my family couldn’t sue them, no biggie.

My workout was fun but tiring, I’m used to going to the gym by myself, putting on my headphones and zoning out but there is something incredibly enjoyable about having regular “gym bantz” rather than just silence. I often find going to a gym alone can be a rather tedious and boring affair but when you have someone next to you who you can have a laugh with and generally have a good chat it can be a much more enjoyable experience.


Post-workout pic



We did a 5 minute warm-up on the rowing machine. Followed by a little bit of shoulder mobility work with a resistance band.
We started off the resistance training with a bench press. the bar was 20kilos
then we had 5kg each side, so a total 30Kg.
After that we went on to single arm kettlebell rows, using a 12kg kettlebell.
We then finished up with the battle ropes and a stretch.



It was a great experience and taught me exercise can be an enjoyable social experience rather than just a lame workout. Anyone can tell you to “do exercises and get fit” but the way Andy talked me through each workout and explained why we were doing it and what we were doing was beneficial. Andy’s personality and knowledge gave this such a strong rating. I would have made it 10 since it was the most fun I’ve ever had doing exercise. However, it is still exercise… *minus 1 point*

You can check out Andy’s website here, Facebook here and also his Twitter here. If you’re like me and need to get back in shape to have a sexy 2016 then make sure you get in contact with him!




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