Week 2 -The Week of Remembrance For Legends

All week I’ve suffered from a bad case of the ol’ “Jelly Limbs”. For those who don’t know what “jelly limbs” are, it is when you’ve had a solid workout and your limbs resemble… Jelly! On Friday, I paid a visit to see Andy Graydon, one of Scotland’s top PT’s and he put me through my paces. Since then my arms resemble that of Mr Tickle. 

On Saturday, I was pulling a late one on my laptop – not in that way, clean your mind! -and I realise the time was nearing 7am and I still hadn’t slept so as I was shutting down my various tabs I notice my Twitter is full of “David Bowie” tweets, some were saying RIP and the others were claiming it was yet another hoax. Sadly, as we know now, it was no hoax. Since his passing, It inspired me to write an article on how he shaped popular culture, the influence he had and the legacy he leaves behind.

As my week stumbled on I was snooping through my Twitter mails and I had a message from the TV company behind Gogglebox and Tattoo Fixers. They are starting a new show called “Naked Attraction”, basically a show taken influences from Blind Date and Love Island… but(t) naked. Although, even though I don’t find getting naked and getting rejected on national TV that appealling. Appearing on a TV show is definitely one for the bucket list, I just don’t think my mum and my gran would be amused seeing my bits all over Channel 4 while trying -and failing – to flirt with girls.

Anyway, before I go the legendary Alan Rickman who played Severus Snape and Hans Gruber also passed away this week. Two iconic figures sadly lost to such an awful illness.Why can’t cancer just hurry up and f*** off? It’s 2016 and yet cancer is untreatable. Why? ’cause the world has spent obscene amounts of money on weapons to cause pain and destruction to one another. Why can’t we all just get along and spend money more wisely on things that matter like research into cures for illnesses?

Rest in Peace David Bowie & Alan Rickman





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