Week 3 2016: Student, Slimming & Specky Struggles

Drowning is arguably one of the worst ways to die and coursework is arguably one of the worst things to do, like ever. If you combine the two and you end up drowning in coursework then it is quite possibly the worst experience of all time. The past week can be described as exhausting, tiring and emotionally draining are just some of the words I can use to describe this past week. As much as I love my course (Public Relations & Advertising) it can require a lot of time and dedication. Between balancing writing reports, doing presentations and looking for an internship it feels like these days I have no time for myself. Due to my student commitments, I have had to cancel events I planned to attend and the more events that I cancel the more it affects my blog in a negative way. It’s now got to the stage where I’m debating taking a year out from education to focus on my blog. Ahhhhhh! What to do?!?! I wonder if any other bloggers feel the same or is it just me? I’ve not even got any blogger friends I can ask, I’m such a loner blogger, any bloggers in need of a friend? I’m a nice guy, honest.

Anyway, I went for an eye test and got told I have astigmatism in my eye and my left eye is “shaped like a rugby ball” as the optician kindly put it. I then went and ordered myself a sexy little pair of thick-rimmed, blue matte Calvin Klein spectacles. I wish I could wear contacts, everyone wears contacts these days but the thought of touching my eyeball genuinely gives me the fear. Every time I try and put it in I end up blinking and shutting my eye. How do people do it?! If anyone has any tips, please help a brother out.

My mum wanted to get fit this year like myself so she was looking at how to shift that  Christmas holiday pouch we all inevitably get, so we joined Slimming World! We went for our first session on Thursday and it was full of the bantz! Everyone was super friendly and I met a lot of great people. I’m looking forward to going back over the next while, great chat with people, mother and son bonding session and I’ll even lose the few pounds I put on over Christmas. Goodbye, Christmas pouch!

On Thursday, one of my close friends Ryan Lawrie was kicking off the first date of the UK tour supporting Michael Sutthakorn along with Tarkan Basara at Audio in Glasgow. Although I was late getting I managed to catch Michael’s set and he put on a solid show. We all headed off to ABC’s Jellybaby night to celebrate a good show and party before saying au revoir the morning after before they headed to Newcastle for the next show.


Next Week: Studying, studying and more studying – It’s going to be an action-packed blog. I’m going to talk in-depth about me going writing reports and coursework deadlines. WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO READ THAT?!


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  1. Drowning is a scary thought. I want to applaud you on keeping up with your work. I worked almost full time and went to school in addition to my family responsibilities. I can relate to the feeling of drowning. Keep your head up! Take breaks and make time for the family. Stay organized and keep working you will make it. I am now a teacher and when I look back I am proud of what I accomplished, you will be too!


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