Week 4 2016: Friendships, Fashion & Failing

It’s great having friends, a group of people that you enjoy hanging out with, watch movies with, share stories and generally just have a good time. However, when the peace and harmony of a group of friends split in two that’s when everything gets a bit messy. I had 2 friends who were involved in a long-term relationship break-up and since then I have had a bit of a dilemma. Even though everyone says”oh there’s no need to pick sides” they don’t really mean that but we still try anyway. Several days after the break-up I decided to meet up with one-half of the former relationship just for a simple catch-up. We spent the day hanging out, strolling around Glasgow, eating KFC and singing along to Disney classics – I mean how good is High School Musical, guys?! – By the time I got home and word had got out I had been out with said friend it was fair to say I received a lukewarm reception in the group chat. I hate being caught in the middle, can you realistically go back to how everything was before?

Anyway, I have just found out I shall be attending a Saira Shoes event in Shoreditch, London on 11th February, my first event in London in 2016 I can actually attend due to my nightmare studying schedule. It’ll be fun to get out of Glasgow and hit up my London which is basically my second home. Since the event is 3 days before Valentines Day hopefully this might take my mind off the inevitable being single on Valentines Day struggle that affects a select few or I might meet a girl in London and live happily ever after, who knows? I hope it will be the latter, though.

After joining Slimming World with my mum last week, we went back for our first proper session and I was so proud of my mum who lost 5 pounds in her first week just simply by eating healthier and at the right times. Me, on the other hand, didn’t do quite as well – I put on 1.5 pounds. It seems a week of not going to the gym, going out for dinner 3 times in 1 week and going out and drinking lots of cider isn’t good for you, who knew? A man is allowed 15 “sins” which is basically what makes up unhealthy food and drink. In 1 pint of cider, there are 13 sins, if like me, you have 10 pints of cider over the week then that means I have… sinned a lot. Y’know what’s really unfair, those people who can eat anything they like and still be a size 0 but yet all I need to do is look at a Greggs store and put on a stone. Where is the justice?!

I did promise you this week I would write about my studying struggles again ’cause that is literally all my life revolves around so here is an update for you.

Study Update

I am still studying and writing a million reports and hating life. Yay.

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