Week 5 2016: The Week I Saw Derulo

Last Friday, I hurriedly published my diary, I apologise but it was for a good cause – I was going for food and drinks at TGI’s. I was trying to be healthy but ended up ordering something not healthy, but different – a crispy tostada stack. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is basically several layers of crispy tortillas and each layer is filled with various things such as melted cheese, rice, sour cream, chicken,  and every other Mexican ingredient like a Mexican food tower. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty but  it was bloody massive!

After I ate, my friend called me up and told me she had a spare ticket to see Jason Derulo at the SSE Hydro, I couldn’t knock that back. I had a few hours to kill in TGI’s before the gig… COCKTAILS!!!! By the time, it came to leaving I was feeling pretty merry so I headed on my way accompanied by my friend.

When we arrived, we headed straight to the bar and then to our seats – 3 rows from the stage, basically the best seats in the house. The first support act was some DJ but the 2nd support was only Aston from JLS!!! Aston was always my favourite in the band, he had a great vocal range and could fairly do a backflip as well. Although I would much rather hear him just stick to JLS covers for nostalgic reasons but the guy put on a good show!

Soon after Derulo came on-stage, I was in my zone clapping, shoulder-shimmying, the lot! What a show he put on. I have always been a bit iffy about Jason Derulo, his songs often sound generic and samey and  his live performances have often led me to watch it with excitement but often stick a couple of earplugs in at the same time. However, JD changed my opinion of him and vocally he was very good and his set was like a show with a full-range of dancers working performing crazy routines. He’s won me over and now I’m a Derulo fan, who’d have thunk it?! Whether you like him or dislike him, the guy puts on a great show.

That one day was basically my week, the rest of the week I spent it doing coursework. The sad reality of my life, it’s not all fun and games being a student. The first 6 months are super chill but not I’m stressing out. No universities have got in touch yet to accept me and I’m stressing out. How long does it take a university to see my wonderful UCAS profile and, at least, acknowledge my existence?! A conditional offer would even be nice, I would even accept a rejection just so I know that they are aware I even exist.

What else is new with me? Not much. I got close to someone and it turns out they have a boyfriend but haven’t said anything so I cooled things off. Why would you flirt with other people when you’re in a relationship? In fact it wasn’t more flirting, it had actually crossed the line of flirting into something more. I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother and I can tell you that does not end well. I am no Jeremy McConnell. Anyways, I am firmly single in the lead up to Valentines Day just in time to pass by every card shop and see a massive cute teddy and ponder to myself “Would it be sad if I bought myself a giant teddy holding a heart?”


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