Week 6 2016: The Week of Bloc Party, Shady Friends And The End Of My Gossip Girl-athon

In January, it was my brother’s birthday and to surprise him I got him a ticket to go to the NME Awards Tour 2016 in Glasgow because Bloc Party were headlining. Before I start I just want to say that everyone has THAT one artist/band that they just fangirl over and for my brother, that band is Bloc Party. He’s supported them from the beginning, got me into them, listens to all the B-sides religiously – we even travelled to London to watch them perform at Earl’s Court and it was probably one of the best gigs of my life! I’m not much of a crowd person, I’m quite antisocial like that. I would much prefer to be sat at the back with a beer in hand just enjoying the atmosphere.

As soon as Bloc Party hit the stage my brother turned into a human bulldozer as he battled his way to the front all I could do was slide into the gaps he created. As the show started, I finally managed to relax at being so close to the stage without actually being on it but that all changed when they upped the tempo and moshpits were kicking off left, right and centre. One thing I did realise is that indie mosh pits are a lot more tame than say a rock mosh pit. An indie pit is more chest-bumping and most indie people have the weight of a leaf so some people fall over but they’ll instantly be helped up whereas a rock mosh pit if someone was to fall down they would jump on their face with studded boots while sacrificing their cat in the name of Satan.


Although the gig, went from being a cool and casual affair so we could go out after, it ended up being a sweatfest and had the ultimate party atmosphere as the crowd climbed on shoulders, threw t-shirts and re-worded the famous Scottish chant of “Here We F****** Go!” to “Kele F****** Go” after. I filmed various parts on my Snapchat (thepookiepop) of the crowd going mental at hits such as Flux. However, when the camera panned to the band, you couldn’t find less enthusiastic performers if you tried, they genuinely looked so bored on stage which broke mine and my brother’s little fanboy hearts.

It’s been a tough week for me on the friend side of things. I have 2 groups of friends against each other and a now-former friend lying which exacerbated the whole situation. I deactivated my Facebook for a few days and kept my head down and waited for it all to blow over – as The Winchester was shut.

Finally after a long 4 weeks of intense viewing I have finally finished watching Gossip Girl and now I don’t know what to do with my life now. Gossip Girl is one of my favourite shows, there is a good blend of drama, mystery and romance with a host of main characters that are interesting and appealling – even if they’re not meant to be.

(Fun Fact: I interviewed Taylor Momsen when her band, The Pretty Reckless were supporting Fall Out Boy in 2014. I hadn’t watched Gossip Girl but I liked their music and she was an interesting person but after watching her play Jenny in the show, I think I love her.)

I wish I could say more but genuinely there’s not much else apart from me losing 6 pounds this week, so I’m treating myself to a lot of junk ’cause I’m basically a male version of Kate Moss now.

I’m writing this as I’m heading down to London and half-asleep. In next week’s diary, you get to read all about my trip to Saira Shoes fashion event. Ah well, at least you don’t have a 9-hour bus journey to do. One of my friends said “sleep on the bus, it’ll be fine.” It’s not fine, it’s horrible. I’m a sucker for a bargain so if I can save £40 on travel for an extra few hours, I thought “this will be a doddle.” ‘Tis no doddle. Never get a bus longer than 10 minutes. Ever.

I would have posted this on Friday on the bus home but not only did I not get any wi-fi I never even had a socket to charge my laptop. To say my bus journey home was anything less than tedious would be an understatement.


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