Saira Shoes Fashion Event

I got invited to attend an event in Shoreditch, London for Saira Shoes to check out their new collection Hmmm… Should I go to a night of cocktails and canapes in London toon surrounded by fancy footwear? Try and stop me!


Saira is an independent shoe brand that is based in the UK that specialises in designing quality female footwear. Their designs are heavily influenced by the likes of Asia with the use of materials from the likes of India with a unique blend of modern and traditional styles. Saira design a  whole range of footwear such as loafers, boots, casual flats, sandals and more.

The night got off to a bit of a disaster, as I keep forgetting how bad London is regarding traffic especially between 6-7pm. Although the Uber app said the journey should take 35 mins from my hotel to venue, it took me 35 minutes to go round the corner. At this point, my trusted sidekick advised we hop out and just get the tube.

30 minutes, 2 trains, a London underground battle with the public, a much-needed toilet break and a hunt for a very discreet bar we finally arrived at the venue.


The Ninety Eight bar  is a lovely venue, with a spiral staircase leading down to the bar. As soon as I got to the bottom I was swiftly greeted and escorted through into this cosy little back room. The room had a mummified theme with the benches and statues being wrapped up I get greeted with friendly faces, a Bellini cocktail and vegan spring rolls. What more could you ask for? Time!


There is nothing worse than having your hands and mouth full while someone is trying to introduce themselves and you’re stood there chewing your 500th bit of chicken satay. However, I did meet some lovely people when I was here and it was great to be surrounded by such incredibly talented people.


“why did the chicken cross the road”


The SS16 collection was an incredible display with a whole range of footwear on show

Although they are not my footwear I would normally wear I did spot my personal favourites. Since I love chelsea boots, I looked across the other side of the room and it was love at first sight. Arguably one of the most stunningly designed boots I had ever came across. Silver boots with a fancy golden patterned design. Everywhere I go I always see boots and they are either black or brown, leather or suede boots but just plain with no designs. Lately, I’ve been getting bored of wearing the same plain boots so when I saw these, I had to admire them and if these were available in a size 11 I would have definitely grabbed myself a pair.

Jay Carrington


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