Week 9 2016: The Week of Football, Emotional Chats and A Bruised Toe

I’m currently typing this while in a ridiculous amount of pain. On Wednesday, I played a game of five-a-side football with my brother and some of his workmates.Bearing in mind my I was up against former professionals and people aged mid 20’s to people deep into their 40’s it was quite an intense game of football. This was also my first game of football since I broke my foot in August so to say playing for the first time against people I had never spoken to before, let alone played with was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. especially since I hadn’t kicked a ball in over a half a year. Don’t fear, I held my own and put in a solid performance bagging myself a hat-trick and setting up 2. Although, 10 minutes in I was involved in a hard tackle that left me with a very sore little toe, since then anytime my boot rubbed against my toe it left me in a lot of pain. It wasn’t until I was home and was about to climb into a bath that I realised the true extent of my injury.

If Like Me, You Don’t Like Feet I Recommend Closing Your Eyes And Scrolling Down


Can you tell which one I hurt?


Even now the swelling is down a bit but it is still severely swollen. That isn’t even the part that’s causing the problem, my limbs are aching and my body is covered in bruises. Am I getting old or was football always this physical?!

A day of rest yesterday did wonders for me and allowed me to do a bit of thinking. The one question that popped up in my head was “Does karma even exist?” You ever get that one absolute c*** who drama surrounds and is notorious being a GradeA b***-*** but people always pass it off as banter as if that’s an excuse for acting like a t***. As of this moment, I have now blocked said individual and ignoring their very existence.

I was meant to attend my friend George Bate’s (Fourth Intake) birthday party down in London on Saturday but sadly, I have to stay in Glasgow tomorrow afternoon and would struggle to get from Glasgow to London in time. It is gutting because I do like London and I do like George and I’m sure it would have been a crazy night out but hopefully, I’ll make it up to him next time I’m down, which should be very shortly! Instead, I shall be in Glasgow to celebrate Vicki Gold’s birthday instead. Vicki Gold is, singer, Angel Gold’s mum, manager and also a full-time legend and banter merchant. Vicki says it as it as and is widely respected. She has time for everyone and I think that’s why people just seem to feel at ease in her presence. So  I am looking forward to seeing Angel Gold supporting Single By Sunday at the Classic Grand on Sunday before heading out to continue the party shenanigans with Angel, Vicki and co.

Talking about birthday parties, I was invited to Amy Nelson from Pulse FM’s birthday party last Friday and it was some night. I was a little apprehensive about going, I hadn’t seen Amy in a while and wouldn’t know anyone else so I had to bring along my partner in crime Ryan McCreadie. As soon as we arrived and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Then I saw Amy and it was so great to see her. Amy is one of the most down to earth people I know, she just loves to party and have fun, she has the best vibes. From then I somehow got invited along to her friend’s birthday party in a few weeks and also an afterparty after the original party. The afterparty contained your usual alcoholic beverages along with pizza, pakora, onion bhajis, donner meat (basically everything you could want at 3 am on a Friday night.

The night ended with me and Ryan having a 45-minute walk to the City Centre of Glasgow and having a drunken heart to heart. A talk that was emotional, touching and inspirational. For someone to tell you that you are the closest thing to family that they have is incredibly touching and something I won’t forget. I won’t go into more detail as some things deserve to be kept private but it was a beautiful moment shared between 2 friends, nay, brothers.


Jay Carrington



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