Week 10 2016: The Week of Well-Earned Rest and Realisation

What a week it has been! A week full of alcohol, gigs, parties and a LOT of napping.

On Saturday, I attended the Single By Sunday gig with my friend Angel Gold who was supporting the band at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, a great performance by Angel followed by a night out with everyone’s second mum, Vicki Gold. A woman who is just so honest and hilarious, genuinely can’t meet a nicer person. We all went to a bar in Glasgow to celebrate Vicki’s birthday where my good friend Ryan Lawrie, joined us as well. Ryan keeps me sane, he’s just so relaxed about everything. Do You get those people that you can be your natural, stupid self with? He’s  one of mine!

We ended up catching a taxi back to my friend Daniel’s flat for the McGregor vs Diaz fight and if you know me I’m not your typical laddy lad. In that flat, I was surrounded by a bunch of “geezers” watching people knock lumps out of each other, drinking beers and betting on the fights. I actually lost count of all the man-points I earned that night!

Of course,  McGregor wasn’t on till like 5,30am or something ridiculous, mix that with the copious amount of Jagerbombs I had consumed prior to climbing into my bed and I never slept till 9am… ON MOTHER’S DAY! Fair to say I slept till deep into the afternoon and my mum was not a happy mummy when I woke up, so she went in a huff because we missed our reservation at an Italian restaurant, but your boy just went and ordered a Domino’s and that put a smile back on her face.

Fact: A Domino’s pizza makes everything better 

Since I have worked my wee butt off for the past week, I got a week off from college, apart from a feedback day on Thursday for which I was basically told my group is cruising towards an A. I also had a week-long holiday from my work so I made the most of my week off from doing anything.

I watched all the Hunger Games movies except for Mockingjay Part 2, I fell in love with Katniss and got frustrated  Peeta, I also watched my first RuPaul show and I loved it. Who would have though a TV show about Drag Queens would make for such great entertainment? I definitely need a Drag Queen in my life the way girls need a gay best friend, maybe a straight guy needs a Drag Queen in theirs.

On Wednesday, I got invited back to play football with some of my brother’s workmates since I shined last week bagging myself a hat-trick. This week, 10 minutes into the match I tore my hamstring, tried to go outfield and scored with my first touch before i went to ground and had to stay in goal like a big boulder. I was positioned like a Snorlax in the middle of the goal, it was awful. I could barely walk and the pain was super intense. So the last 3 times I played football I have injured myself:

August 2015 – Broken foot

2 March 2016 – Bruised toe

9 March 2016 – Torn Hamstring

Maybe football isn’t for me… I feel like Tomas Rosicky – and not in a good way!

Anyway, before I go if I have any Americans reading this. Don’t vote for Trump. It was funny at first, similar to the way Tony the Tiger or Coco the monkey from the Coco Pops commercial would be funny seeing run for Presidency. Then you realised people are actually being serious and that is incredibly worrying. Bear in mind, the last time someone had such strong hatred towards a certain group of people, he ended up in power and orchestrated the last mass genocide. It’s 2016, can’t everyone just all get along and be friends, why is racism even an issue?! I keep forgetting, for all rational thinking people like myself, there are a lot of irrational idiots.


Jay Carrington



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