Week 11 2016: The Week of Self-Doubt

It seems that the title is fitting that this article is being posted several days after my usual Friday entry due to it being from me suffering from crippling self-doubt.

Am I good enough?
Will I ever succeed?
What if I was born to generally suck at life?

The week didn’t start well for me after finally hearing my first response from UCAS and getting a rejection. When I said the other week, that I didn’t care what I got as long as I heard, at least, something – I regret saying that.

After that mental kick in stones from UCAS, I decided to get stuck into my Advertising and PR campaign I’m working on for Rainbow Valley charity, I got great feedback from my lecturer about our idea but she feels like it is just missing that one little hook to tie it all up and since then I’ve had a million and one ideas, each idea seems to be worse than the other.

To end it all, I planned to sort out an internship at a PR Agency but I’ve been so sidetracked with all this coursework but it’s impossible to find the right time to start an unpaid internship right at the end of my course when hand-ins are coming thick and fast. Do I apply right now or do I leave it a few weeks/month and then apply? I can hold my own at college but can I work with seasoned professionals?

For a person that goes about life with a smile and a wink, I do suffer from a lack of self-belief at times, which does kinda suck.


Jay Carrington


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