Week 13 2016: The Week of Confusing Humans and Talented Friends

Attraction can be confusing. Have yYou ever been attracted to someone that you shouldn’t be? I have and it sucks.

You know how it is, you meet someone nice, exchange a few words and crack a few jokes, then you see that person more and more often until you the highlight of your week is seeing them, she adds you on Facebook, she messages you on a one-off asking a trivial question, conversation progresses, flirtation is in full swing, she follows your Instagram and Twitter, you follow back, you snoop on her Instagram and BOOM! Like a Roberto Carlos free kick to the John Stones, her last picture is captioned “me and the boyfriend” lol u wot m8?

Obviously, you can’t tell her you know she has a boyfriend due to being a social media creep ’cause that’s… Creepy. Turns out she has a boyfriend but going through a “rough patch” and she’s invited me out for a night out next week and me being a normal human being make horrendous decisions whilst consuming alcohol. You’ll find out next week how bad my decision-making really is.

On another note, regarding love interests, I think I have another admirer. They are funny, they like Katy Perry, they like to sing… Only thing is they’re a guy!!! Obviously, I’m not attracted to him, nothing against him, I just don’t find dudes attractive – except Zac Efron (He was Troy Bolton!!!) except I’d kinda want to sit and have a pint with Zac and sing Breaking Free than have him hanging out the back of me to be fair. Anyway, back to my original point, this guy, met him once, he’s a friend’s friend but he does make some questionable comments such as being “stripped and ready for bed” and then offering me to come and join him which makes me slightly uncomfortable. I do kinda want to say something but I don’t wanna be THAT guy and he would be all like “Dude, it’a just banter, can’t you take a joke?!” I can take a joke, honest. It just doesn’t come across that he is actually joking. I told one of my friend’s and he says I should tell him as it is more “sleazy than funny”. I’m just not a guy for confrontation though.

Besides all of that relationship nonsense, on Saturday, my good friend Emily Middlemas supported ’80’s band Hue and Cry at Paisley Town Hall and I could not be prouder of her. Even though her audience was older she totally rocked with a band behind her, watching her owning the stage was such a proud moment. At only 17, she has such am amazing talent at not just singing  but also songwriting. It is so difficult to succeed in the music industry but if anyone deserves it, it’s young Emily, she just has the full package. That day I was out with one of my good friends Ryan Lawrie who recently won Capital’s Top 40 Future Breaker competition and I could not be prouder of the pair of them.

Next week the Easter Holidays begin and I want to hopefully escape out of Scotland for a day or 2 and do some stuff. If anyone has any ideas of things I can do or places to visit mainly in England over Easter then get in touch at enquiries@pookiepopblog.com or my social media channels posted below.

Jay Carrington


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