Week 14 2016: The Week of Sexual Health

Last month, I found a rash on my foot and thought nothing of it until I told my friend who proceeded to tell me the worst story you can tell someone as overdramatic as myself.

My college companion, Jen, told me a story of how her friend ended up getting a rash on his chest and felt really run down and exhausted – I had a rash on my foot and felt run down and exhausted due to having a bug. Her friend went to get checked and it turns out her friend got diagnosed with HIV. Of course, my mind went into overdrive and I panicked  and before I know it in my head I have planned my funeral, died and experienced life as a ghost. Considering you are meant to get “checked” every 6 months or so and I haven’t been checked in 2 years I felt it was probably for the best that I book an appointment for myself ASAP.

I made my journey to the health clinic on Tuesday by myself and I stood outside for 15 minutes before growing a set to go in. I don’t know about anyone else but I find it quite a daunting experience because it is sexual health is still quite a taboo subject. It doesn’t matter if you get spotted going to one of these places, the most important thing is that you’re as healthy as can be. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I was only in there about 10 minutes for a full check-up.

In those 10 minutes I did the following:

  • Answered some simple questions about my sexual history
  • Drank some water
  • Peed in a small tube – and accidentally on my hand.
  • had a needle stuck in my arm and had some blood taken.

When I left, I got handed a bag of condoms and sent on my way feeling so much better that I had been checked. Of course, it is a bit of an inconvenience but 10 minutes out of your day is nothing in the grand scale of everything. If you do have something it is better for it be caught sooner so it can be treated.

Be safe, don’t be silly, wrap your willy.

For the past month, the city of Glasgow has been in mourning due to the murder of 15-year-old Paige Doherty. An absolute tragedy where a young girl can’t even walk the streets in broad daylight so when I was invited to attend the charity event to raise money for Paige’s funeral and family I wanted to go and show my support. The charity event was  created by a young girl called Emma Docherty where they had local singers and dancers come out and perform. If people want to donate they can donate here and on social media feel free to post a picture in memory of Paige by using the hashtags “#purpleforpaige” and “#poutforpaige”

On Thursday, I started planning my first video blog. I don’t want to say too much about it but I have been invited by Renfrewshire Council to take on a project that will be up posted in the next few weeks and I am super excited for it. I can give you one clue and that it will involve lots of food and beer. I’ve been wanting to start doing videos for a while but I’ve been super busy with coursework to start it which makes me super sad. Hopefully this Summer I will have a few videos up.

Anyways, I’m off to do more coursework because that is literally what my life revolves around now, instead of being in England with mates, I am in my room doing coursework. I only have like 1 more month left but it is absolutely dragging in now.

Hope everyone else is having a better Easter Holidays!


Jay Carrington


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