What Guys Should Wear To: University 2017/18

Summer is nearly over and for the majority of the population in the UK, it just means the weather goes from erratic to constantly terrible. However, if you are a student like myself then it is that dreaded time where reality is about to kick you square in the nuts. That season you just did in Magaluf? Forget it! It’s in the past. That month-long bender you are currently pulling at the Edinburgh Fringe? You’re gonna regret that 2-month long hangover.

Being a student, I understand how financially difficult it can be, especially if you’re a full-time student and you can’t dedicate the time to tying down even a part-time job. Well don’t worry, all of these items I have selected are the most cost-efficient so you can go and look like a million dollars without having to spend that!

If this is your first year at University then this will be a little guide to help you understand what sort of clothes you should be wearing. First impressions are vital – but leave the shirt and tie at home, mate. It’s a university, not a job interview. It’s important that you look decent for your first year at the big school, you’ll be meeting so many new people in your first few weeks so having a solid attire will be a big help.

If you’re several years through University, like me, then maybe you can take some inspiration from this and maybe spice up your image a little bit. It’s always good to go back after Summer and be flexin’ that new “Summer bod”, fresh hairstyle and new-found confidence you’ve got from all the compliments you get from hanging around your Gran all Summer… Wait, just me?

Moving swiftly on, here are my clothing suggestions for University life for 2017/18:

Smart Casual – Always a safe bet going into your first month at university playing it safe but cool. Don’t go too casual, trust me. There’s plenty of time to go casual when you reach your 10th mental breakdown in the final week before a deadline. However, on the other hand, if you show up to your first day in a 3-piece suit, top hat and monocle then it’s fair to say you will spend a lot of time by yourself.

Simwood Faux Leather Jacket (£69.52)


It’s cool, I totally get it. Leather jackets are pretty bloody expensive and we’re poor students. However, you can pick up this faux-leather number for less than £70! Now, you can go 2 ways about this, you can simply call it a leather jacket and assume no one knows the difference while also being low-key impressed or you can own the fact that it’s faux leather. Casually drop it into conversation that it’s animal-friendly and you can watch everyone look at you as if you’ve personally jumped into a river and saved a dozen puppies. Quick tip though, don’t milk it. No one likes a milker and those smiles will turn to eye-rolls. Either way, it’s a win-win. Just know your audience.

Purchase here from Yes Style.

Plain White T-Shirt (£2)

White T-Shirt

You honestly can’t go wrong with this, it goes with everything and for only £2 from Primark. It’s low-key, it’s not OTT and simply says “I don’t try too hard with my fashion sense for studying, I’m just effortlessly cool.” For £2 a pop, I do recommend getting a couple of these since, ’cause they will never go out of fashion. Plain black & grey t-shirts are also great alternatives so stack up on them as well. I feel with this outfit, a plain white tee goes better with the black jacket and jeans.

Purchase here from Primark.

Jeans: MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans (£45)


Now, I know what you’re thinking “but Jay, those are girls jeans”. Correct! BUT these jeans will be a lot comfier than your average pair of Mens skinny jeans. These Topshop jeans may look tighter than your average jeans but they are actually much more elasticated. There’s nothing worse than skinny jeans that barely allow you to move your legs, you could probably cut the splits in these! Also, if you have a pair of tree trunks for legs, like myself then these will sort you right out! These jeans also go up higher than your regular jeans but no one will see that (unless you’re in a crop top & that should be never) so when you’ve inevitably developed that Winter bod, these jeans will help push in that gut. Thank me later, so instead of going to Topman, try going to Topshop.

Purchase here from Topshop.

Black Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Chambray Trainers (£24.99)

converse chuck taylor hi chambray 1

These Converse trainers will be the finishing touch to your outfit, and they’re an absolute steal at that! £24.99?! – knock off 10% if you use your student discount as well – Yes, please! I find the hi-tops look so much better with skinny jeans, it just makes the full outfit so much more streamlined.

Purchase here from Schuh.

That’s it from me, start the educational year, as fresh as possible, bear in mind this is just a guide. Everyone has different body shapes and sizes and different fashion tastes. Hopefully, this helps you when it comes to that pre-University shopping spree. Now, good luck for the following year and I hope you all pass your exams while looking 10/10.

Jay Carrington


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