August 2017 (Doing/Watching/Buying/Listening)

Doing: Spend Time With Family

So, my time back home in Glasgow is over for at least another 10 months as I prepare myself for my final year at university in Edinburgh (Shout out to Napier!!! Wooo!). I’ve been inactive online over Summer as I did plan to go to the Caribbean and visit some family but as some of you may know, my mum ended up taken and ill and was kept in hospital for several weeks. She managed to get out at the end of July but doctors told her not to do anything so me being a good son, decided to cancel my flights and spent my final month back at home.

It really gave me a wake-up call and reminded me of how precious life is, when I was with my mum waiting for the ambulance to arrive I genuinely feared the worst, it was truly an awful time. However, with my mum not being in the best of health and my lovely grandmother quickly approaching her 88th birthday it has put a lot of things into perspective for me. Attending fancy events and Twitter followers don’t count for much when you don’t have family and I try and remember that and other bloggers should too. It’s easy to forget that when you’re being invited to various places for product launches etc. Sometimes a Sunday evening with your mum and gran playing Scrabble can be much more fulfilling. I enjoy being away from my family to some degree, I get the freedom and time to do whatever I want but the biggest thing for me is leaving for nearly a year.

A lot can happen in a couple of months, let alone a year. While I’ve been back in Glasgow here are some things that have happened; Britain had a general election, Jeremy Corbyn won but didn’t win, Theresa May lost but didn’t lose. Barack Obama & Justin Trudeau visited Edinburgh (apparently on a lads trip but Trudeau missed his flight by a week, sources yet to confirm), Arsenal’s season started, Arsenal’s season ended,  Gemma Collins became the meme we didn’t know we needed, Trump has evolved and become even more Trumpier and now apparently being a Nazi is the latest trend in America. Phew! The point of that is a lot can go on in just a couple of months, I would hate for anything to happen to my family and I wasn’t there to do anything. I mean Bruce Forsyth passed away, a man who looked immortal and was singing and dancing until his last days died. Compare that to my gran who is roughly the same age and smokes so much I swear she must be an ambassador for a cigarette company. On top of that my little cousin is finally fleeing the nest as well, only thing is he’s moving to Barcelona to teach children English. After what’s just happened there, the whole family are on edge about him going but he’s going to make a difference and I could not be prouder of him.


Watching: Mayweather vs McGregor

Who wasn’t watching this? Probably the biggest exhibition fight of all time because of how ludicrous it was. Even if you didn’t agree with it, you were bloody curious to find out how the fight would pan out. That’s why most people in the UK stayed up till silly hours just to watch it and struggled to work the next day – I’m looking at you Arsenal FC! So much hype over this fight between one of the best tactical boxers of all time against a mad Irishman who loves a scrap. Incredible!

Me, personally. I wasn’t rooting for anyone in particular. I mean Mayweather has domestically abused women so I can’t really back him. McGregor on the other hand, I started to get bored of the OTT press conferences and he just wasn’t doing it for me. He reminded me of that kid back in high school who would sit at the back and interrupt the teacher thinking he’s hilarious. Saying that you’ve got to respect both as fighters. Mayweather has gone 50 fights unbeaten and McGregor was so good at his own sport he managed to not only change sport but also jump to the front of the queue ahead of all the other boxers for the big money fight. I mean, I would probably jump in the ring with Mayweather for £100, a pint and a good story to tell the grandkids when I’m older, let alone the money being chucked about in Vegas.

Image result for mayweather mcgregor

Buying: A House

Well, this part is slightly misleading, I didn’t actually buy a house. I’m just renting it but I’m not going to lie, I haven’t really bought anything over the past month apart from alcohol and there’s only so much I can say about that time I went to Firewater bar in Glasgow and worked my way through 2 bottles of wine and endless rum & apple’s. So, yeah I went and dropped a deposit on this place and I’ve literally just moved in – still not even unpacked – if anybody wants to help that sure would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a beautiful place ever so slightly outside of Edinburgh’s city centre BUT it is right next to my university so that means I get to spend even more time spent in the 24/7 computer library. Yaaaay!

Once I do get settled and get all my things away then I shall be out blowing my wad on some home decor, a couple of plants, candles etc. Although saying that, there is a high chance I’ll blow a lot of money on something completely ridiculous. Tune in next month to find out!


Listening To: Dua Lipa – New Rules

Right now, F Boys all around the world are shaking their fists in the direction of Dua Lipa. They’ve been rumbled! This catchy little bopper is now going to be every girl’s anthem of 2017. A song all about not going back to a former partner/lover has got every girl from Glasgow to Ibiza  chanting the 3 golden rules of not picking up the phone, not letting him in or being his friend.  I’m not going to lie, her song is that much of a tune that it’s even making me feel incredibly hyped and empowered.

It’s rare that the lyrics and the beat are often that great, especially in pop music where as long as there’s a cool drop then it’ll instantly bounce up those charts regardless of the actual lyrics. With this song, as a young adult, the lyrics are just incredibly relatable. I think the vast majority of us have been in the same or at least a very similar situation of always letting someone back into your life after you’ve told yourself you wouldn’t.

If you still haven’t heard it yet you can stream it from my new playlist on Spotify called Pookiepop Monthly. This is a new playlist I will update each month and add the tracks that I’ve been listening to that month. If you like the song that much then go and purchase from Itunes here.

Image result for dua lipa new rules


Jay Carrington


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