About Me

Just an average 22 year old guy from Glasgow who progressed from being a silly kid to a silly adult.

Stumbling through life when I was a teen trying picking up new hobbies and working different jobs trying to find something I truly enjoyed and didn’t get bored of was difficult. When I was 15 my brother gave me a bass guitar and it snowballed from there and I made friends with fellow musicians and we would just enjoy making music.

I then needed a part-time job while I was a student and got myself a job as nightclub PR which although often cold I was incredibly good at it.  This lead to me getting great positions at  some of the most popular bars and clubs in Scotland.

I then got involved with my friend’s radio station which gained a lot of interest and lead to me working with some of the most incredible acts in the world. With my contacts in the Scottish nightlife scene and my access to celebrities I was often the one arranging after parties for many of the acts that I worked with.

I then proceeded to branch out in to music management which resulted in me putting together a boyband, and several other acts which had UK success.

Now this takes me on to my next chapter after of my life and pursuing my passion for writing. Whether it’s writing about things I do, people I meet or any tips that I pick up along the way that I want to share with people.

I am excited for this new journey and I hope you are too.


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