Saira Shoes Fashion Event

I got invited to attend an event in Shoreditch, London for Saira Shoes to check out their new collection Hmmm… Should I go to a night of cocktails and canapes in London toon surrounded by fancy footwear? Try and stop me!


Saira is an independent shoe brand that is based in the UK that specialises in designing quality female footwear. Their designs are heavily influenced by the likes of Asia with the use of materials from the likes of India with a unique blend of modern and traditional styles. Saira design a  whole range of footwear such as loafers, boots, casual flats, sandals and more.

The night got off to a bit of a disaster, as I keep forgetting how bad London is regarding traffic especially between 6-7pm. Although the Uber app said the journey should take 35 mins from my hotel to venue, it took me 35 minutes to go round the corner. At this point, my trusted sidekick advised we hop out and just get the tube.

30 minutes, 2 trains, a London underground battle with the public, a much-needed toilet break and a hunt for a very discreet bar we finally arrived at the venue.


The Ninety Eight bar  is a lovely venue, with a spiral staircase leading down to the bar. As soon as I got to the bottom I was swiftly greeted and escorted through into this cosy little back room. The room had a mummified theme with the benches and statues being wrapped up I get greeted with friendly faces, a Bellini cocktail and vegan spring rolls. What more could you ask for? Time!


There is nothing worse than having your hands and mouth full while someone is trying to introduce themselves and you’re stood there chewing your 500th bit of chicken satay. However, I did meet some lovely people when I was here and it was great to be surrounded by such incredibly talented people.


“why did the chicken cross the road”


The SS16 collection was an incredible display with a whole range of footwear on show

Although they are not my footwear I would normally wear I did spot my personal favourites. Since I love chelsea boots, I looked across the other side of the room and it was love at first sight. Arguably one of the most stunningly designed boots I had ever came across. Silver boots with a fancy golden patterned design. Everywhere I go I always see boots and they are either black or brown, leather or suede boots but just plain with no designs. Lately, I’ve been getting bored of wearing the same plain boots so when I saw these, I had to admire them and if these were available in a size 11 I would have definitely grabbed myself a pair.

Jay Carrington


Why Everyone’s New Woman Crush Is Ruby Rose

If you don’t know who Ruby Rose is then you clearly must have been living on Mars for the past week. She is the woman who came closer to breaking the internet with a wink than Kim Kardashian ever did by exposing her full body. Over the past week she has been turning innocent heterosexual girls heads (and you can see why).

So Who Exactly Is Ruby Rose?

Ruby Rose is a multi-talented, 29 year old gender fluid Australian who has made her name as a:

– DJ

– Model

– MTV Host


– Musician

Ruby had already amassed a large following of 700k on Instagram before her first appearance on Orange Is The New Black and her Twitter had over 100k which shows she wasn’t just a random overnight sensation but since then her Instagram is at 2.2m and her Twitter at 601k. She’s had the likes of models Gigi Hadid and Karreuche Tran crushing on her, even Mr Bieber couldn’t stop himself from tweeting the most talked about person on the planet right now and they even hung out. If that’s not cool enough she is also engaged to Roald Dahl’s grandaughter, I don’t know about you guys but I think that is pretty bloody cool.

So why is she so popular now?

Although she has been around for years just bubbling under the surface, appearing on one of the most popular TV shows right now that can even be mentioned in the same breath as Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad has pushed her in front of the eyes of millions. She’s not your conventional pretty girl. She’s not your busty, blonde hair, blue eyed, Playboy Bunny girly girl. She’s a gender fluid, tomboy, self-confessed nerd who oozes natural beauty and a personality that seems truly genuine. In an industry where image is often number 1 priority she never changed who she was. People are more accepting of originality now, in fact they embrace it. Cara Delevigne has a kooky sense of humour, boyish personality, thick eyebrows and the whole world fell in love with her. Individuality is finally being appreciated  It’s things like this that just get you right in the feels.

We now live in a world where people are evolving and more understanding and respectful of other people whether it’s regarding their sexuality, race, gender and just about everyone. 10 years ago there would be anti-gay marches and the sheer thought of a black president would be laughed off. However, right now we have a black president that is respected throughout the world and the 2 most talked about people over the past month have been Caitlyn Jenner (Transgender) and Ruby Rose (Gender Fluid) and the vast majority of people have been incredibly supportive, appreciative and view both of these women as icons in their own right. Just by being themselves and seeing the love the world has shown them will inspire others who may be scared or have doubts of their own to come forward or even to learn to love themselves.

Without realising it this woman has been thrust in to the spotlight and she continues to encourage people to be original and be themselves. People of all ages, genders, sexualities, race now look at her and respect her because of who she is. People who struggle to identify with their own identity and wondering what “group” they fit in or what “label” they come under, Ruby has proved that you don’t need a group or a label. Just be true to yourself.

I hope being 29 years old and already being semi-famous that this fame doesn’t go to her head like so many others. She seems like an incredibly intelligent headstrong kind of girl who knows the difference between right and wrong. It’ will be exciting to keep track of her career and see what she does now and whether she’ll focus more on her acting now or other projects.

Has Ruby Rose inspired you? Do you want to see her in more acting roles? Do you prefer her music? Are you pleased about the impact she is having? Were you a fan before OITNB? Let me know in the comments or social media links below.

Guest Blogger – Jen McEwan (KarmaSoup)


Get Your Summer Style Under £100

If you’re like me and live in a place where you are praising the heavens because you get more than a week of sunshine during summer (Britain). More often than not your clothes match the weather, in sunnier places such as Spain etc you can’t move for colourful tank tops and Hawaiian shirts but in Scotland the majority of our wardrobe is black. Black jeans, black t shirts, black hats, black shirts but sometimes you might mix it up and throw i a bit of colour such as brown or grey when you are feeling adventurous.

With the sunshine hitting the UK and people getting ready to fly to sunnier climates a lot of people want to save money for their holidays so I’m writing this to help guys to get some last minute bits and pieces without blowing your “party” money.


Fedora Hat

You can purchase this brown fedora hat from River Island for only £22. Fedora hats have never been more popular especially for guys.Many celebrities have been ditching their black fedora for Summer for a more “colourful” brown. Although this is a very in-season hat not everyone can pull it off. I feel this style works better if you have longer hair.

One Direction’s Harry Styles & McBusted bassist Dougie Poynter are known to rock the brown fedora.


You can find this poncho in 3 various colours here at Charlotte’s Web for only £26. Roughly about 12 years ago the poncho made an unexpected comeback where every girl and her granny were strolling about ponchos for one Summer only.and then vanished off the face of the earth. However, recently more and more celebrities have been seen sporting the poncho recently. This Summer is set to mark the return of the poncho but this time it’s for guys!

Fashionable singer Cody Simpson and super cool hit-maker Pharrell have been sporting the poncho recently

Knee-length Denim Shorts

These Rip Curl Lay Day knee-length, straight-fitted shorts are only £21.49 and have been reduced by 50% at Surf Dome. These denim shorts are the ultimate Summer must-have’s. You don’t want your shorts too short where they resemble hot pants nor do you really want baggy 3 quarter lengths. These are great if you are used to wearing jeans all year round and aren’t fully comfortable exposing your legs because your legs haven’t saw sunshine in a year and scared about how they’ll react to being exposed to sunlight. Jokes aside, they’re fashionable and you can wear them with a whole range of different outfits whether you’re on a beach, surfing, exploring and embracing different cultures or passed out with a bottle of tequila in your hand.

Zac Efron and Douglas Booth have often favoured a longer-length style of denim shorts

Boat Shoes

These shoes you can Purchase from ASOS for only £25. This season’s must-have footwear they are as comfortable as they are stylish. I wouldn’t advise wearing socks with them unless they are ankle-socks and they’ll be great for strolling along the beach in.

Popstars Cody Simpson and Bruno Mars are fans of the boat shoes

HAT – £22

PONCHO – £26

SHORTS – £21.49

SHOES – £25

TOTAL = 94.49

Well there’s some tips for you if you need a Summer outfit and you are a living on a budget. If you feel there was a different item I should have used or if you agree with my selection let me know in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Either way there is something we can all agree on…