Cornerstone Review

At the ripe old age of 24, I still haven’t mastered the art of growing facial hair. I get whiskers above my top lip, the occasional bit of fluff on my chin and faded mutton chops. It’s not a great look, although some people can pull off the small amount of facial hair, I am not one one of those people.

I look less like this…

Image result for johnny depp

and more like this…

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So even though I don’t have a fully-fledged man-beard that all the girls get excited over, I still need to shave even more than the average guy. Guys can pull off the cool, bearded look, guys cannot pull off the creepy paedo-tache look.

As a student, I’ve had an extremely busy few days spending the vast majority of my time in a library, generally not looking after my appearance.  I honestly spent 99.99999% of my time wearing an XXXXL sweatshirt, sweatpants and a beanie for my hair. It was only when I looked in the mirror and noticed that I was sporting a horrific paedo-tache that would have made Adam Johnson proud, I realised it is time to shave before I get arrested.


Disgusting, right? Luckily subscription-based shaving brand, Cornerstone came to the rescue and sent me out a box so I could at least look like an approachable human being, thanks, Cornerstone!


I had to prepare firstly by using the pre-face scrub, this scrub helps release any ingrown hairs, reduces shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin. Also, it’s a really cement-like grey colour which is incredibly amusing as some of you would have noticed by my Snapchat (“ThePookiepop” if you’re looking for it).  It didn’t smell that great in comparison to the other the shaving gel and the post-shave balm, I’m not going to lie but afterwards, my skin felt incredible, so clear!

My next step was to finally shave – with my personally-engraved razor. For anybody who has ever lived in student halls or shared a flat with strangers it’s always recommended to label your items with your name on it – and now I have a razor with my initials on it.

I applied my shaving gel, it was like green goo and looked like a booger but it smelled amazing! Usually, shaving gel/foam smells just like soap or quite musky but this was made up of Eucalyptus oil with ginger extract. If it wasn’t filled with non-edible toxins I would have been smearing that on some toast!

I then picked up the razor and the first thing I noticed – apart from my beautiful initials – was how flexible the head was. Usually, razors have a such a firm head so when you’re shaving, it makes it more difficult to shave down your jawline without angling your wrist. With this razor, you can shave down your jawline and with its flexible head, it shaves without having to change the motion in your wrist. It really is the simple things in life.


After my shave, I glanced up into the mirror and I was a changed man, but I was not finished just yet. I still had to use my post-shave balm, mint and honey? Yes, please! It really was as good as it sounds, it smelled even better than the gel and that’s saying something. Apart from the wondrous scent that was floating up my nostrils like a freshly-baked, Disney pie, the actual quality of the product was incredible. It was like a really good moisturiser that hydrated my skin without making it look oily and also reduces any post-shaving redness.

Everyone feels better when they take care of their appearance and I’m no different. A good, quality shave can make you feel so much better about yourself and that’s what you get with Cornerstone. The best thing about it is how affordable and convenient it is, through the subscription service as a non-regular shaver I would receive a box every 18 weeks containing:

  • Pre-Shave face scrub – £5
  • Shave gel/Foam – £6
  • 6 Razor blades – £14
  • Post-shave balm – £5

Total = £30

and you can design your box to what suits your own needs. I’m definitely a fan of the product and I recommend it to any other guys who don’t want to spend over the odds on shaving products but still want to use quality products.


The products are of a great quality, the razor isn’t heavy and the head is flexible. The pre-shave scrub is great for cleansing pores, the gel isn’t overly soapy and messy and the post-face balm is incredibly soothing.

We always hear horror stories with regards to subscriptions and I am the probably the most sceptical person when it comes to subscribing because it can be a nightmare to leave. However, with Cornerstone, there’s no commitment and you can cancel at any point making it all about the customer. You design your own box, you arrange when you want it delivered, you arrange when you want to pause your subscription, it’s all completely on the customer’s terms which helped put me at ease. If I didn’t believe in the subscription service, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I recommend you should at the very least sign up for this product and at least try it once, if you don’t like a certain product, you can remove it from the subscription. For the price of it, there’s no harm in at least giving it a try.


Jay Carrington


Goodbye Shaggy Hair, Hello Mr ‘Frohawk

There are not many better feelings than when you leave a Barber shop and you have a great new hair style, you feel like a brand new person when you leave. Over the past few months I have tried to decide what style I should go for and although the longer I couldn’t decide the longer my hair got until my fringe was tickling my nose and I had what resembled a bird’s nest on top of my head.

I met up with my brother the other week for a catch up and he was rocking dreads! I was impressed considering my brother has owned his afro for the whole of his 25 years but he’s never really experimented with his hair. I loved the originality and the creativeness of it so I had to get in touch with the people behind this work of art.


I booked my appointment at Rain Dogs Society located in Glasgow’s notorious West End to see if they could help me and my excess hair problem. I was welcomed in to this Barber shop that had all the charm and charisma of a chic bar. No awkward silences, no glum faces giving every customer a short back and sides or a number 1 all over and no commercial radio station playing the same 5 pop songs on a loop.

All the staff have such a fresh outlook on hair all and are more than happy offering suggestions and ideas. They appreciate that not every person is going to suit the same hairstyle and they cut and style based on each person.

Before we started, me and Behn discussed what we could do with my hair for about 20 minutes so I told him I have faith in him and put my hair in his hands. I have never saw anyone so pleased about cutting hair before, he truly looked like a kid on Christmas morning!

After an hour of shaving, cutting, styling I went from having a shaggy mess to a fresh, original ‘frohawk style. I can’t really describe articulately what exactly happened to my hair but click here to get a run-through of the procedure and to see pictures of my new ‘do!

I am incredibly lucky to have my hair cut by such amazing professionals who have already racked up a stellar clientele in such a short space of time. Going there you can understand why the place is turning in to a hot spot and attracting various celebrities and footballers.

So if you want:

  • A quality haircut
  • Professional opinion and recommendations based on your own style
  • Great conversation
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • listen to music like Rolling Stones while sipping on a cold beer
  • Future advice on how to keep your hair healthy and stylish

Then look no further than Rain Dogs Society.

Much love to all the staff and especially Behn for making it such a pleasant experience and I’m sure I will be back shortly.

Shola had just popped out for lunch , but she’ll be in the next one (promise)


Get Your Summer Style Under £100

If you’re like me and live in a place where you are praising the heavens because you get more than a week of sunshine during summer (Britain). More often than not your clothes match the weather, in sunnier places such as Spain etc you can’t move for colourful tank tops and Hawaiian shirts but in Scotland the majority of our wardrobe is black. Black jeans, black t shirts, black hats, black shirts but sometimes you might mix it up and throw i a bit of colour such as brown or grey when you are feeling adventurous.

With the sunshine hitting the UK and people getting ready to fly to sunnier climates a lot of people want to save money for their holidays so I’m writing this to help guys to get some last minute bits and pieces without blowing your “party” money.


Fedora Hat

You can purchase this brown fedora hat from River Island for only £22. Fedora hats have never been more popular especially for guys.Many celebrities have been ditching their black fedora for Summer for a more “colourful” brown. Although this is a very in-season hat not everyone can pull it off. I feel this style works better if you have longer hair.

One Direction’s Harry Styles & McBusted bassist Dougie Poynter are known to rock the brown fedora.


You can find this poncho in 3 various colours here at Charlotte’s Web for only £26. Roughly about 12 years ago the poncho made an unexpected comeback where every girl and her granny were strolling about ponchos for one Summer only.and then vanished off the face of the earth. However, recently more and more celebrities have been seen sporting the poncho recently. This Summer is set to mark the return of the poncho but this time it’s for guys!

Fashionable singer Cody Simpson and super cool hit-maker Pharrell have been sporting the poncho recently

Knee-length Denim Shorts

These Rip Curl Lay Day knee-length, straight-fitted shorts are only £21.49 and have been reduced by 50% at Surf Dome. These denim shorts are the ultimate Summer must-have’s. You don’t want your shorts too short where they resemble hot pants nor do you really want baggy 3 quarter lengths. These are great if you are used to wearing jeans all year round and aren’t fully comfortable exposing your legs because your legs haven’t saw sunshine in a year and scared about how they’ll react to being exposed to sunlight. Jokes aside, they’re fashionable and you can wear them with a whole range of different outfits whether you’re on a beach, surfing, exploring and embracing different cultures or passed out with a bottle of tequila in your hand.

Zac Efron and Douglas Booth have often favoured a longer-length style of denim shorts

Boat Shoes

These shoes you can Purchase from ASOS for only £25. This season’s must-have footwear they are as comfortable as they are stylish. I wouldn’t advise wearing socks with them unless they are ankle-socks and they’ll be great for strolling along the beach in.

Popstars Cody Simpson and Bruno Mars are fans of the boat shoes

HAT – £22

PONCHO – £26

SHORTS – £21.49

SHOES – £25

TOTAL = 94.49

Well there’s some tips for you if you need a Summer outfit and you are a living on a budget. If you feel there was a different item I should have used or if you agree with my selection let me know in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Either way there is something we can all agree on…